Just for the record


Mickey was completely misrepresented yesterday. He is not a scary dog. The whole story was not told and he has contacted an attorney.

It was slander, I tell you, slander.

Real estate is a premium at Greyhound Gardens. There is one cushion in the whole house, well OK, the house is wall to wall dog cushions. But the lake front with a view cushion is the cushion right beside my computer and they all want that one.

It’s a tough spot to score, and when they get it, they don’t give it up, not even for a treat.

See that big brown spot on the right hand side looming over Mickey’s butt? You guessed it, it’s the damn Flo Zone. Yes, she thought she should have the lake front with a view cushion. Mickey however, was not giving in. Not to Flo, not to anyone.

Now the fact that I always walk around with the camera like it is an extension of my face makes me a bit of a paparazzi. Some things are not meant to be published.

Shame, shame on me.

Sorry Mickey. but it really did make for a great howl-oween photo op.

7 Replies to “Just for the record”

  1. It was a great Halloween photo and an even better day-after-Halloween story. I love the Flo Zone. Casper has a touch of that compulsion. When he gets his mind on a bed, he has this whole passive-aggressive routine he goes through to get it. It drives Freedom (our dominant girl) absolutely crazy, so much so that he usually gets her bed because she gets up to “tell him off.” Nikki (our super submissive girl), just ignores him, so he rarely gets her bed. Funny how that works out.

  2. Good for you, Mickey! Frankie is starting to take a leaf out of your book, although Beryl isn’t quite in Flo’s league yet. He’s not moving when she tries her standover tactics now and it’s working. But he just ignores her and she eventually goes away.

    I hope you win your case! I think you were framed.

  3. Poor Mickey. He wouldn’t do any better at the golden boys’ house, I afraid. The boys just pile on top of one another if they both want the same prized real estate (i.e my lap). The one on the bottom usually ignores the one on top and keeps right on sleeping. Worst case, the one on the bottom gets off and begs a cookie off me to offset the pain of being evicted. Then he hops right back up and lays on top of original offender!

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