Oh da Budman


We took a vacation day today. There is an sunrise image that I really want of Mt. Hood and that meant getting up at 2:30 am to do it.

We ran and fed the hounds. Normally we like to take a dog with us, but when we were up there on Saturday the sounds of hunters were much to close for my paranoid safety net.

We were home before the noon time run and everyone was fine and happy. Buddy went out in the first group just like always. He was fine going out, but when he came in he was clearly having a hard time breathing.

We jumped in the car and I called my vet on the way. They met me at the front door with a guerney. I have to put a plug in for my vet, Companion Pet Clinic. These guys rock and not only is the care they give our dogs is above and beyond, but they are so good to Karen and I. They treat us above and beyond as well.

Buddy had to be intubated and at that time they determined that he had laryngeal paralysis. Surgery to do a tie back is really the best option.

Buddy will be 14 years old next week. He’s my Buddy, probably the best dog ever. I love him so much. From the very beginning we have always promised our guys the best quality of life we could give them. I/we worry that surgery is not the best option for Buddy.

As I write this he is laying quietly by my feet. I guess we’ll take things one day at a time.

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  1. Oh, I’m sorry! I’d be worried about doing surgery on a dog that age, too. I still find it hard to believe that he’s fourteen. Are you sure there’s not a mistake on those ear tats? Give that handsome boy a hug and kiss for me!

  2. Our Libby had LP and got the surgery at age 12. She recovered with flying colors and in fact the weeks of spoon-feeding balls of canned food to her during recovery are some of my favorite memories with her. The surgery gave her many happy months of oxygenated joy, until it was her proper time to leave us. The surgery is scary but has such a great outcome. There was at the time a Yahoo group dedicated to LP that I joined and got a ton of support and advice from; I’d highly recommend it.

    Best of luck! Hugs to the dogs!

  3. i can’t think of any magic words for all of you. i do know that miracles happen. i know in my heart that whatever happens, you all will make the best choice for buddy.

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