My nutty Buddy


To everyone who stopped by the blog the other day and commented on how fabulous Buddy looked, Thank you. I would just like to confirm that yes indeed, my boy will be 14 on November 7.

Buddy, March 2004

When we adopted him in March 2004, he sported quite the little 5 o’clock shadow and he had all of his teeth. Today, he is toothless and well his shadow is more of a dusting of frost.

Good news though, his mama lived to be a very healthy 16. I’m hoping Cinnamon’s genes are strong because we have Buddy her son; the triplets-Jillian, Slinky and Skirvee her grandchildren; and Mickey and Cinderella her great grandchildren.

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  1. It’s great that you’ve been able to rescue dogs related to each other. I am Flynn’s great nephew, though Mum didn’t even know it when she got me! Bud looks like he’ll make a grand old man, no problem! Deccy x

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