Six already?

Baby Mickey

I still remember that day. The day Nancy called and said “we have puppies!” I really loved visiting the farm, but when there were new puppies I could hardly wait for the week-end to come.

Knowing my secret love for cow dogs she teased me, she said they something they hadn’t had for a long time.

They had a cow dog.

We watched Mickey grow up, I put a sticky note on him him when he was only a few days old and I told him when he was done racing, he would be coming home to the gardens.

Racing just wasn’t his thing, He was clearly just a pretty boy and he grew into those giant puppy feet quite nicely.

Happy 6th birthday my sweet and handsome boy. I guess you can have rabbit for dinner.

And BTW Nancy, I really, really miss our puppy and coffee visits.

10 Replies to “Six already?”

  1. Happy birthday, Mickey. You grew up to be a handsome guy but, my goodness, you sure were cute as a pup!

    Love that last picture with the rabbit. Oh, the ears!

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