Roxy’s swimming friends


Today was Roxy’s swimming lessons and she thought she would introduce you to her friends this month.


This is Dakota, she’s 15 just like Roxy. Yesterday was her first day, she was adorable and just rolled with the waves.

She wore a little life jacket as she paddled around the pool. She’s so little that she only had to swim back and forth a couple times to have as much exercise as Roxy.


This handsome hound is Charlie. Yesterday was his first day at the pool. He’s recovering from surgery.

He really doesn’t like the water. He kept looking out at his humans, hoping beyond hope that they would end this madness.


Ryder had a stroke about a month ago. He’s rehabbing  at the pool. His spirit is amazing, he is such a happy little guy.


Jesse is 13 years old. I love, love, love her face. It is so soft and gentle, just like her.

Her beauty demands that she not get her face wet.


And last but not least, the elusive Emily. Every week I watch her from across the room. She’s the wise one and oh so beautiful. She was a little camera shy, I laid down in pool water to get an image that would really capture her wisdom and beauty.

But when a treat is waved in front of her nose, her attention came right to me. Or at least my direction since the treat was over by me.

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  1. What cool photos! I don’t know if I like water or not; never had the chance to find out. I’m going on holiday next week so Mum is going to introduce me to something called “the sea”….. Deccy x

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