Moving targets


I am fairly certain that it would be no surprise to anyone to know that when I grow up, I want to be a dog photographer.

When a friend on campus popped into my office the other day to show off the pictures of his 10-week old basset hound puppy, I’m pretty sure I began to drool, practically throwing myself at his feet begging to take puppy pictures.

A moving target

I am not a stranger to basset hounds. When I met Karen, she had a basset hound named Lucee and she was with us until old age got the better of her at 16 years old. I experienced many a walk with Lucee and she had two speeds, slow and stall. Since my experience with puppies is really limited, I thought puppy plus Lucee equals a slower shutter speed.

Ha, ha, the joke was on me and I was re-evaluating on the fly.

Like all puppies, her world was full of curiosity and caution. At first glance I should have been just another friendly human wanting to love the puppy, but I came with a big black mask and one eyeball. I’m sure she had a few reservations about me.

In true puppy fashion, when she was awake, she was ready for action.

She already has that nose to the ground basset mind.

And a face that totally turned me into a puddle of goo. I guess that is why they call it puppy love.

I enjoy several pet blogs on a daily basis. Just last week Dog By Nature had pictures of a puppy posted. I got a chuckle out her last paragraph and thought I would borrow it for this post.

Warning: Cute puppies may cause Puppy Amnesia. Symptoms include the inability to remember the following: chewing, digging, sharp little puppy teeth, bites, lack of sleep, house training,  jumping, general spaziness and becoming a big dog. Will require: tons of exercise, plenty of food and water, toys, vaccines, vet bills, love and attention. Always exercise extreme caution when considering a puppy. Is a life long commitment.

11 Replies to “Moving targets”

  1. The second photo is wonderful! I love the ‘speed’ effect and the way those gorgeous ears are getting ahead of Rosie’s body, lol! She looks like a total sweetheart, I’m glad you put the Puppy Amnesia piece in:)

  2. But puppies are soooooo worth it! The late nights and early morns. The cleanup of the floor. The cleanup of the floor. Did I mention the cleanup of the floor? Don’t care. I just love puppies, puppy breath, snuggly wiggly puppies collapsing on your chest for a nap on the sofa. Those big puppy eyes, the little puppy tails, giant puppy feet. (sigh) I’m a hopeless case and I know it. 🙂

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