To grandmother’s house we go

Warning: This is not about a greyhound.


This is our grand dog Autzen. She and weimie Emma had vet visits on Monday and came over for a visit.

Coming to grandma’s house is just like visiting a private dog park. Right out the back door there is a giant splash pool. The greyhounds would never treat their drinking water like this.

And then, there is the whole acre to chase balls on.

Sadly, grandma doesn’t have real tennis balls, she has these ridiculous soft squeaky balls because that is what Flocko likes to play ball with.

But, a ball is a ball and every lab loves a ball.

Unfortunately, so does the weimie. Some times the weimie gets to the ball first.

And then she guards it with her life.

You’ll never see a greyhound slobber like a lab. Ewwwww!

The other great thing about grandma’s house, treats grow on trees there. Please note that the mamma had to take the first bite to insure that the apples were safe.

Once the apples were deemed safe to eat, there was nothing better than lounging in the grass enjoying an apple. An apple a day keeps the veterinarian away.

Autzen and Emma, August 2011

And of course, like it or not, a family portrait is always a must.

Autzen and Emma, March 2008

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13 Replies to “To grandmother’s house we go”

  1. First, Autzen is GORGEOUS! So reminds me of one of my favorite doggie clients, Teddy. He’s the spittin’ image of Autzen. Loved the pool scene, but the pic of Autzen and Emma together was beautiful. So loved this week’s pics and humorous commentary!

  2. I’m new here from the Hop, great to meet you guys! What beautiful photos of an obviously fun day. Loved catching up with the Greyhounds too, gorgeous!

    Happy Saturday and Happy Labor Day weekend! 🙂

  3. Dropping by on the Pet Blogger Hop today. Loved the pictures – but did you know that apple seeds are poison to dogs? As long as they don’t get too many seeds, they should be fine. I also have a Grand-Dog, Dutchy. He’s a Siberian Husky and he loves to come to our house to play with my girls and run around our huge backyard (we have a pool too & Huskies love water). Happy Saturday.

  4. Your grand-dog (dogs?) is gorgeous! I will always have a special place in my heart for Labs. Can’t say enough good about them. And other than the drool and the shedding, can’t think of much bad that’s worth saying. That first picture is just amazing.

  5. I remember Emma, but don’t think I’ve met Autzen before? Love the name and she is beautiful:) Aren’t they lucky to be able to visit your lovely acre! It sure looks like they made the most of their time their too:)

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