Celebrate good times


In 1980, Kool & the Gang released the song Celebration. And just what could cause such a celebration at the gardens you might ask?

Why of course, when cats fall out of the sky!

I found this beautiful stuffed kitty at the Goodwill months ago and I saved it for the perfect day. No rain, no sun… just a delightful cloud cover.

When I was really active in greyhound adoption, there were three kinds of greyhounds.

There is the, “oh kitty, kitty I want to be your furever friend.” Or better known as cat safe.

The greyhound that believes the kitty, kitty is an evening snack with a tail chaser for breakfast. Not cat safe.

Or the greyhound that sees every other animal as inferior and snackable. These are the guys that do best in a houseful of other greyhounds.

Sex, age and color were not issues.

When I brought this cat home from the Goodwill, I thought for sure I would title the post “Cat Testing.” These guys had so much fun with the stuffed kitty, it became a party.

And they all danced the night away.

4 Replies to “Celebrate good times”

  1. That stuffie is fantastic! I think it would be very, very popular here!

    Bunny says that while she’s been fine with cats in the past that she’s not opposed to a little cat snack, if Flocko would like to share! She’s looking for some bodyguards for her next meeting with her new friends. The one dog that she played with, Zip, is actually twice her size in the weight class! Oy!

    P.S. How did you get the little Flickr button added to the bottom of your posts?

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