The faces of Murphy


I love summer evenings just as the sun is going down. It’s cooler and the dogs enjoy just hanging out.

I will spend hours just sitting far enough away with my camera that I can take one head-shot after another. Their facial expressions change so many times as they listen and watch their buddies.

Murphy is especially fun because his ears are so expressive. I swear I can tell what he is thinking.

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9 Replies to “The faces of Murphy”

  1. I have to say I think Murphy’s ears are just as expressive as his face! I loved the photos and seeing how his ears would rearrange themselves in each photo. Every time I visit your website, and Carrie’s over at Tales and Tails, I want a Greyhound. Such beautiful dogs.

  2. Y’know… I’ve always thought Rio had great ears… and he does.. but boy oh boy do I love Murphy’s ears! They are amazing in such a mish-moshed way! When Rio was going through his puppy ears there was about a 36hr period where his one ear flopped over the top of his head like’ Murphy’s and it was the cutest thing ever!

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