The nurse maids

Slinky, Adam, Jillian

Tonight I came home to the dreaded UL. Unidentified limp. These nearly always send me into a tail spin.

I don’t know why I always think the worst first. How many times have I stiffened up from sitting too long or sitting on my foot or just stepping on something wrong. I get stiff legs on occasion, it only makes sense that the greyhounds would do the same.

Unless it is obviously serious, we try to abide by the 24 hour rule. That is watch him for 24 hours and see how he’s doing then. 95% of the limps go away. A limp brings out the special treatment, extra walks out in the backyard, just to see how they are doing, extra treats, appetite is good…

And double attention from the nurse maids. Clearly they were checking everything to make sure it was in good working order.

4 Replies to “The nurse maids”

  1. Thee Limp, oh how I hate you. I too freak out when I see a limp. Hell, I freak if I THINK I saw a limp. Since my life has been touched by that dreaded disease, I think I panic even more. I do agree, extra treats and lots of lovin’ is definitely in order!

  2. It does always give your heart a hitch when you see it, doesn’t it? I notice that Adam seems to really like all the attention from the ladies, there! I hope he doesn’t start limping more often! 😉

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