Run with the wind C-dawg

You were a grand and elegant boy. We loved you so much and you taught us so much in return.

You came to me on a week day. During my lunch hour I met Rayetta at Jiffy Lube. You were going to stay with me just long enough to get through your shyness.

At end of the leash was perhaps the most beautiful brindle boy I had ever seen. It took you a couple of days to trust me, but once you did, we both knew you were forever mine.

The first time I saw you really run was our first trip over to Karen’s acre. Poetry in motion. You were so happy and you ran with the wind.

You were never a pup to kennel, you hated it. You were above being kenneled. After the second or third cushion, we re-named you Clancy in the Clouds. Then we went to plan B.

As a novice greyhound owner I thought for sure that leaving you in a bedroom would be safe. Karen’s bathrobe found out differently. How on earth did you shred it and still leave in hanging on the hook? I still laugh hysterically when I think about the morning she walked out into the kitchen with threads hanging over her shoulders instead of a bathrobe. Time for plan C. I was so nervous leaving you free in the house, but it was your kingdom and you did fine.

You were the dog that took your food bowl everywhere. Sometimes it wasn’t so funny when you tried to get it up on the couch still full of kibble, but you made us laugh anyway. You carried your bowls everywhere. I guess that was just a Clancy version of brown bagging it.

I loved your brindle coat. It was so soft and luxurious, thick, with a beautiful pattern. I could bury my face in your side for hours and you would let me.

From the very beginning, your look always had this childlike wonder. So sweet, so innocent with just a spark of mischief. Yes, you were responsible for an e-vet run or two. Remember when you went after Edie? Yup, that was good for many stitches and a drain tube. We quickly became more savvy parents after that.

What about the time you had that fist-sized sarcoma removed. That was three years ago this week. We were scared, but clearly not as scared as you. The vet clinic called and asked me to come sit with you as you recovered from the anesthesia. I think I read the Time magazine from cover to cover to you. Bet you don’t remember that.

Who would have guessed that we would get three years past that surgery?

My fondest memories will always be your love for running.

You ran.

You soaked in the pools.

And you tranced in the trees. That was your MO.

I miss you so much already. I miss scratching your ears, I miss stroking my hand across your fur. I am so sorry you were so scared this morning. If I could have taken that part away, I would have in a minute. Your friends at home miss you too. They were sad when I didn’t bring you home. I suspect there is a pretty big party at the Rainbow Bridge right now. Since you were one of my first hounds, you’ve watched many hounds come and go.

So Clancy, go and race with the wind. Do what you love the most. We love you big guy and we will miss you.

Clancy aka Begger Bounty • November 19, 2000 to July 25, 2011

13 Replies to “Run with the wind C-dawg”

  1. I’m so sorry! They’re never with us long enough. What a beautiful tribute to a much loved hound, though! Clancy obviously lived the kind of life that all dogs deserve to live, as cherished companions. We’re thinking of you today! I know it sure isn’t easy to lose them, and yet, we can’t resist opening our hearts again. I think that’s the magic they possess, to keep us falling in love again and again.

  2. You said it all so very, very well….I am reduced to tears…just heart broken for you..(I know *so* well those feelings of loss.) But it sounds like, thanks to you, Clancy had a great life. How is it that they can take such a big piece of your heart with them when they have to move on to the bridge. It is the way isn’t it?. Thankfully they leave behind so many beautiful memories to help you get through it.

    Looking up tonight, at the stars…there…that one that is shinning down the brightest, making you feel the sky is *so* beautiful, filled with jewels – that one is Clancy. He will be shining his brightest down to you to wrap you in his love. Clancy will be the brightest star in the sky tonight. Sending healing energy to you so ease your pain for the last thing Clancy would want is to make you feel sad. He will be with you forever through your memories and those beautiful photos you always do so well.

  3. Very nice tribute. He was a beauty. I know there was a huge welcoming committee at the bridge when he crossed. So many hounds before him. What you said about being sorry he was scared, that’s the one thing I am most sorry about for my Dixie too. Run free sweet Clancy until you meet again…

  4. I am so sorry. They are never with us long enough. 🙁 I loved reading about him – you really painted a wonderful picture. He must have been a joy.

    (Then I cried, hugged the boys, and thought of Beau. )

  5. I am sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute in honor of your handsome boy. I love how he carried his bowl around with him, what special memories you shared. The last picture is just gorgeous!

  6. Very sorry for your loss. Your tribute to him brought tears to my eyes. I know my angel Sabrina was waiting at the bridge for him. He was a big, handsome boy.

  7. What a gorgeous tribute. I just wrote one for my Jade, and it broke my heart to write it. It is so cleansing to do it but so painful, too. You can see how loved that boy was, and I know how much he loved you. You will see him again soon enough. {hugs}

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