Our new swimming friends

Going in for hydrotherapy once a week is a whole lot like when my daughters were little. As I waited on the sidelines, I would get to know the other parents and their children. Oddly enough, the dogs are no different.

This is Cannonball Cooper. He’s taking hydrotherapy to help recover from a reparative surgery.

The reality is, Cooper loves swimming lessons as much as he loves his ball. He would take every other dog’s turn if he could have it.

This is one happy dog. I suspect that on the way home, he and his momma rock out all the way home to radio.

This is Chase. He’s a 10 year old Great Dane, and there is something about this boy that has really tugged at my heart strings.

He just looks so kind and thoughtful.

He takes his swimming lessons in stride. He is there to help with some arthritis issues.

Yup, he just takes things in stride. He’s deaf and communicates with his owner through sign language. By day, he is a service dog, by night… he is just cool.

This is the other Buddy. Yesterday was his first time.

He wasn’t so sure about the pool yesterday, but today his prize was the frosted donut with sprinkles. He got into the pool all by himself.

He is also swimming following reparative surgery. He was so funny about not getting his hair wet. I personally think he just didn’t want to have a soggy donut.

And how is Roxy doing? She is a lady of leisure. Ah yes, couch or pool, she’s totally relaxed.

Yesterday Buddy started his lessons. He’s hanging in there pretty well.

6 Replies to “Our new swimming friends”

  1. Roxy is soooo relaxed! That looks like it feels awfully good. Your Buddy seems to be taking it all in his stride:) Those beautiful big brown eyes seem to be exuding quite a bit of pride at what he’s doing:) And then there’s Chase. What a super special dog he seems to be. And I bet his owner is super special too training him to hand signals and to be a service dog. Inspirational! The other Buddy looks like he’s fine as long as he’s got his donut:)

  2. Hope this therapy helps! That great dane is awesome! A lady across from where I work used to rescue deaf great danes. Pretty cool dog for sure and 10 years old! That’s pretty amazing!

  3. I would love to be able to relax like Roxy! She’s definitely the coolest dog in the pool! They all seem to take to it so differently. I keep wishing we had a pool here the dogs could get into!

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