Goin’ on a squirrel hunt

Oh boy, oh boy… we’re going on a squirrel hunt.

Despite the lovely rain we had all day, I needed to feed the beast. I had to get out do some shooting. Minnie drew the short straw and we off down the trail.

Totally disappointed, Minnie quickly realized that her idea of a good time and our idea of a good time weren’t quite the same.

She desperately looked back at Karen just to see if maybe, just maybe I was wrong.

Twas not to be the case. In the interest of getting the pain and agony over of “just one more” picture, she gave me one quick pose.

And waited impatiently at the top of the stairs for me to hurry up and finish so that we could be on our way.

Never fear, no squirrels were harmed in the making of Minnie’s brief appearance at Upper North Falls in Silver Falls State Park.

3 Replies to “Goin’ on a squirrel hunt”

  1. What gorgeous scenery! Minnie, Bunny says you need to learn to enjoy the great outdoors! There’s lots to be found out there, including squirrels. She and Morgan would love to join you on that hunt!

  2. Ooooo…. pretty! And I’m pretty glad Minnie didn’t get her wish. 🙂

    (Crap? I don’t think so. I bet there isn’t a single crap shot within miles of your camera!)

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