Good news Flo

Flo went in for surgery this morning. I hadn’t said or thought much about it because quite frankly, I was a little spooked.

A month or so ago we took her in to donate blood only to discover that she had a heart murmur. That was immediate retirement from the donor program.

Still, the heart murmur didn’t worry us too much. Roxy has had a low grade heart murmur since we adopted her and she’ll be 15 in September and since hydrotherapy, that dog is just like a puppy again.

Two weeks ago, we discovered a lump in her rectal area. So we loaded her up and hauled her off to the vet. We thought is was just the anal glands that needed expressed. Not so lucky, after the not-so-pleasant exam, they discovered a lump.

We’ve already been through this surgery twice, once with Oneco and once with Gracie and they came through like troopers.

Neither of them had a heart murmur and that was bothersome.

Fast forward to this morning When it was time to go to the vets. Flo was thrilled. A ride in the car is always a good thing, especially if it meant the ocean. Her tail went into overdrive.

Happy tail. I’ve heard the horror stories, but we have never experienced it.

Holy crap, the kitchen looked like a crime scene. There was blood everywhere. Flo’s white coat had a lovely stripey spattered pattern of red, as did all of the other white dogs anywhere near her. Karen was dressed for work in nursing best. She looked like she had just walked out of a tragic scene on ER.

It happened so fast. As we walked by the white house on the way to the car, she continued waving her happy contemporary paint brush.

The plan when I left the vet clinic was to include removing the last vertebra on her tail as well as the lump. I was quite thankful that she did it today and not tomorrow.

All is well in Flo land tonight. She remained stable and did very well under anesthesia. The lump came out quite cleanly, the vet referred to it as a peri-anal adenoma.

As for her happy tail, he laughed. He said the opening was less than 1 cm. He didn’t want to remove any tail if we could hold it with a stitch. It’s been 13 hours, so far, so good. I love my vet.

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12 Replies to “Good news Flo”

  1. Sounds like some pretty good news for sure. And hope that stitch in her tail holds!

    Other good news is that I finally was able to add myself on GFC this time, so now hopefully I’ll be able to see your updates easier!

  2. Oh dear! Glad things seemed to work OK in the end. That’s quite a picture you painted of your kitchen. Ack!!! I don’t think goldens get happy tail with all that fur as padding, I’m thinking that’s a good thing!

  3. So sorry Flo had to go through with all this – but I’m glad you have a great vet. I have one too – and they relieve so many worries, don’t they?

    Dropping by on the blog hop today – I’m working the big Petfinder Adoption Day – by helping out Etowah Valley Humane Society at the Acworth (GA) Petco. Paws crossed for lots of fur-ever homes for our wonderful pets.

  4. Lovely photos! I’m glad Flo’s surgery went well, and wish her a speedy recovery with no more “happy tail.” By the way, I shared your Red Hat post on Facebook last week, and everyone loved it!!! Have a nice weekend.

  5. Oh, poor Flo. I’m glad she is doing well now. I know it was scary! I also know about those “crime scenes”–Toby cut his foot when he was younger and then tracked blood all over the house!

  6. Flo looks absolutely beautiful on the beach! Those are some really beautiful shots!

    I’m so glad she’s alright after her surgery, with her tail still intact. Our mostly white boy, Hawk did the same thing once or twice, but not seriously. It’s amazing what a little tail cut will do, though, to add that “just murdered someone here” look to your house! I admit, I worried about her. We had a friend with a senior Grey who went in for surgery this week and she didn’t wake up. Her heart stopped on the table. I feel terribly for her!

  7. Glad to hear Flo is recovering well from surgery. Your description of a happy tail crime scene was spot on. Glad she didn’t have to have any of her tail removed. Wonderful photos!

  8. Ah yes, happy tail. I hope it doesn’t happen to Flo again. Love the beach photo and I’m so pleased for you that Flo came through the surgery with flying colours. It’s bad enough having surgery on a young Greyhound, let alone a more mature lady with a heart murmur.

  9. Poor Flo. Hope she is doing well. Milo had happy tail yesterday too – first time I have seen it, crimescene describes it perfectly! All over my white nurses uniform too 😉 He is now sporting a fetching bandage on the end of it.

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