Portland loves their doggies


As part of the workshop Learn to Light that I attended this week-end, we were shooting people on the street. This young and her beagle Dozer graciously accepted the offer to have a photo taken.

I thought he was absolutely adorable and man did he ever ham it up for the camera.

6 Replies to “Portland loves their doggies”

  1. That is super adorable. I love how the beagle is looking over, as if to say, “Did you get that?”

    On a blog layout related note, I’m starting to wonder if my computer specifically doesn’t want me to follow this new blog of yours. I now can see the Google Friend Connect box off to the side, but with nothing in it…

  2. What a fantastic, candid shot! I can see how they feel about each other from their expressions. I just love this picture! *sigh* If you ever come to Illinois, you have to photograph Miss Bunny!

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