Happy 4th of July

Mickey Fireworks

Be safe, have fun and please remember, this can be the scariest day of the year for your pets. Keep them inside during the peak fireworks shows.

5 Replies to “Happy 4th of July”

    1. Confession time, Mickey is completely unfazed because of Photoshop. I took that fireworks image last summer and Mickey is actually standing in front of a beautiful sunset.

      And, looks like another mid-70s and sunny today!

  1. I am in total awe of that picture! For one, that you caught the fireworks like that, and for another that you can merge the two pictures together like that. I am hopeless at ever doing stuff like that in Photoshop!

  2. the new place is soooo contemporary and fun! i second “…that emotion” about dog vs fireworks. the calming phermone aromatherapy is helpful. but having fireworks just outside in the street called for additional soothing voice and tummy stroking. the info in the box of the aromatherapy comments that humans are effected. i sure was calm. my daughter experienced the same when she used the feline stuff.

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