Blowing out 12 candles

Blender, I find it so hard to believe that 9 1/2 years ago you were so shy and so black.

Look at you now girlfriend! I believe we call this salt and pepper.

Still gorgeous after all these years. Happy 12th birthday Blender.

And for the honeymooners in Mexico… Emma is marking off the days on the calendar until her mommy and daddy get home. :o)))

8 Replies to “Blowing out 12 candles”

  1. w00t….another birthday…Blender – you rock!!

    I love looking back at early photos and comparing them. It is amazing how much our furkids change over the years. Sometimes so slowly we don't really notice until one day we look back and see all the gray where the dark used to be. It happens to us all Blender – you are more beautiful than ever!

    Hugs and gentle ear scritches.

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