Honorary greyhound for a week

This is Emma Weimar. She belongs to  my youngest daughter Holly and her husband Joe. They got married in December but as of Monday night, they’ll be on their way to Mexico for a honeymoon.
Emma can hardly believe that they would choose a place to go that they couldn’t take her, however.
Emma is an honorary greyhound for the week.
She accepted her honors with dignity and grace.
Once the honors were bestowed, the greyhounds put their foot down. There are rules to be followed.
Emma listened closely.
Barney, being the newbie in the gardens knew all of the rules and he had a lot to say.
Crystal, on the other hand took a more gentle approach whispering sweet nothings in Emma’s ear.

7 Replies to “Honorary greyhound for a week”

  1. Emma is beautiful! I hope we get to see a lot of her this week. Of course, Bunny is just glad that it wasn't Flocko whispering in her ear!

  2. Emma is gorgeous! We meet a Weim named Oskar on our walks quite often. But he's …. more voluptuous than Emma.

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