May is party central

May is party central in the gardens. Everybody it seems is celebrating a birthday and Adam is leading the pack.

Buddy and Adam discuss where they are going for their first bone. Of course, since Buddy is totally toothless, he’s thinking there had better be a selection of softer items. He does have a few years on Adam.

While we were out this evening taking Adam’s birthday picture, we noticed a thickening under Adam’s jaw. It’s a hard lump.

I’m not going to lie, we have been way too many hard lumps in our history with greyhounds.

I made a mad dash back to the pictures I took on Tuesday night and there isn’t a lump there so I’m hoping beyond hope that when I take him to the vet clinic in the morning it’s nothing.

So for now sweet Adam, kick your heels up sweet boy. Happy 11th birthday!

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  1. I've been to the vet for Omo's lump–his Adam's apple from hell. The vet told me that some dogs get that. He coughs and hacks but the treatment is more abusive than the discomfort of the cough. That was our lump, so you might hear something different. I'm just sharing so you can hear that it could be minor–all part of getting old.

    I just tell friends that it means my dog is manlier.

  2. That's scary, hopefully it will be something relatively minor, a bad tooth maybe? He looks like it's not slowing him down, whatever it is:)

    Happy Birthday Adam and the best of luck tomorrow.

  3. Happy Birthday, Adam!

    We had one in our adoption group who had a problem with a salivary gland. Once it was opened up again, things were fine. I hope it's nothing serious!

  4. Hoping that it is nothing or something very simple. He sure does look like he's having a great time. Happy pictures!

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