Mourning the end of spring break

Sunday was it, I must return to work Monday.

My heals are dragging, I’m practicing my kicking and screaming.


6 Replies to “Mourning the end of spring break”

  1. the green of the grass is beautiful. the entire scene is, but that green grass amazes me. how cool it must feel.

    sorry about the monday. they happen.

  2. What a fantastic tree! You are truly blessed with the best yard anywhere! Bunny says something about all the laps she could do in that yard under that tree.

    Sorry you have to go back to work! My three week break is just starting!

  3. Beautiful, just gorgeous, love this photo. The ground here is still well covered with the white stuff. 🙁 Can't wait to see the blossoms on my trees again. What a wonderful photo.

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