Going to work

Yo Mickey, you just got the call. Remember the German Shepard that needed Minnie’s blood last week? They need more, time to go to work boy.
Mickey hates the vets, truth be told, Mickey hates anywhere but his big back yard. Going for a car ride is not one of the finer things in life according to Mickey.

When he heard the car keys jingle, his approach was run the other direction.

However, he proudly gave forth of his go-go juice for Sophie. A beautiful German Shepard. Minnie donated to her last week.

8 Replies to “Going to work”

  1. I wonder if Sophie will take on any Greyhound characteristics with all the Greyhound blood she's receiving?

    Well done Mickey. You and Minnie are legends:)

  2. Mickey way to go. Even though you don't like car rides, you stepped up to help Sophie. Mickey and Minnie, we like your names.

  3. A perfect story in pictures; especially the one of Mickey taking off in the other direction! Good job, Mickey.

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