Springtime in the gardens


Yo ladies, check out this grass. It is nearly longer than my long legs.

OK Crystal, we know the grass is long. Have you seen the amount of rain we have been getting? What do you expect?

 Barney for one rather enjoys the cool long grass. It is much softer to lay down in.

Buddy took matters into his own paws and pointed the direction he thought we should be taking.

 Sadly, an acre of hard work has begun.

The short grass is so much nicer on a little old ladies tootsies.

Just for the record, the day ended perfectly.

4 Replies to “Springtime in the gardens”

  1. Did you mow a whole acre of grass with a hand mower? I'm just about speechless with the thought of doing that and the beautiful sunset photo … probably taken while you were still mowing the grass!

    I know the kids will be appreciating the short grass though, and no doubt that makes it worthwhile:)

  2. What a sunset!

    Tell me you do not mow that whole acre with a hand mower! Yegads!

    I think that grass is a great backdrop for some beautiful models!

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