Figure it out before

Seriously Flo, you were comfy on the couch when I went to bed last night. You slept with the night before, the night before that and the night before that.

Yes Flocko, it was your turn to sleep with me last night.

But tonight, I wish you two would figure out who has the bed. Three of us in the bed is one too many.

I had more than necessary hot flashes. I hardly had any room. We’re not even going to talk about the covers.

So please, discuss it now. Make an adult dog decision. I love you both. You are both welcome on the bed, just not at the same time.

8 Replies to “Figure it out before”

  1. Funny! Almost a year after adopting, Bella's decided she has no interest in sleeping on our bed anymore. Of course, since I changed her crate bedding to include an egg-crate base and two down comforters, I'm not really surprised….

  2. 2 Greyhounds in bed with you could be a bit crowded/cozy. pecailly if they run in their sleep.
    Wags & woofs

  3. Beryl would love to sleep on my bed too but I tried it and she spreads out so much there's no room for me and Frankie!! She's quite happy to sleep in her crate though and most of the rest of the day she's on my bed … as in right now:)

  4. This sounds exactly like the night I had last night. We actually had to remove one dog in the middle of the night because I was so uncomfortable I couldn't sleep. I hope tonight goes better for all of us.

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