McCall Preserve

This part of the Historic Columbia highway was beautiful. It not-so-gently curved around the bluffs. I can’t imagine what this must have been like to travel on when it was originally finished.

A near picture perfect homestead.

We were a little early for most of the wild flowers, but what we saw were amazing.

Looking toward the Columbia River from up top.

From the top of the bluff to I-84 was nearly straight down.

Since I am the one stopping to take pictures, Karen is always ahead of me on the trail. I frequently catch her sitting down on the job waiting for me to catch up and once I do, we’re off again.

On both sides of the river there are train tracks. On the Washington, I followed a train as it entered the four tunnels along that part of the track.

It was so peaceful up there, not a breath of wind. This was one of three ponds we encountered. I was a greyt day.

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