Oregon by Greyhound • Upper Butte Creek Falls

The Adventure Upper Butte Creek Falls

Location LAT 44.92389 N LON 122.51222 W
Date November 14, 2009
Weather 32°, Sunny

Distance 33 miles

Let me tell you about my mothers. I’m thinkin’ I might just trade them in.

Sure I look forward to my adventures, but I like my weather a tiche warmer. Just because it is warmer where we live, it’s different in the mountains. I think the snow on the ground was our first clue.

Wasn’t so bad once we got down to the trailhead, no snow… but when the almost outta gas light went on? Visions of hiking 15 miles to civilization made me really nervous. Checked the iPhone, nope, no service. People around us? Nope. Did I have winter wear, you know boots, hats, mittens? Nope.

So maybe this waterfall was beautiful to them, I was worried about getting my skinny butt back to the warmth of my cushion. We made it to the gas station, the moms got lucky, but they had better be a little more aware of that gas guage for the next adventure!

What can I say? Just another beautiful day in Oregon.

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