Oregon by Greyhound • Chitwood Covered Bridge

The Adventure Chitwood Covered Bridge

Location LAT 44° 39′ 15.2″ N LON 123° 49′ 03.9″ W
Date July 125, 2009
Weather 79°, sunny

Distance 73.3 miles

In the early 1900s, the small logging community of Chitwood was a bustling town. The sign on the bridge was removed from the old railroad station.
Buddy was most happy to get out of the car to pee on a tree and cross the bridge.
Yes Bud, those are the railroad tracks.
Steam locomotives stopped in Chitwood for water and coal as they traveled between Yaquina and Corvallis. The tracks are still in use, but the trains no longer stop in Chitwood.
The original bridge was built in 1926 and rehabilitated in 1983.
The 96′, single-lane bridge spans the Yaquina River.
Chitwood bridge is the home to a million sparrows. They enjoyed swooping in and out of the covered bridge during our brief stop.

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