Getting there glide on

I find it impossible to believe that it has already been a year since we brought the babies home. A year has passed since our epic cross-country road trip. The trip that makes us smile and […]

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Oh Miss Nellie Bellie

In July Cinderella broke her outside toe on one of her hind legs. There wasn’t much we could do but keep an on the toe and if things didn’t get better, we would have to […]

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The logic of Fergie

This little girl is our one dog that is truly wired for sound. She’s perky, she’s happy, she’s demanding, she’s cuddly, she’s fun, she travels well, she gets along with everyone as long as they […]

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Beach babes

During the summer, the college works four ten-hour days and takes Fridays off. The ten-hour days get a bit grueling, but the Fridays off are decadent. Today was my last Friday. I’m not really sure […]

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Oh Slinky

Yesterday was National Dog Day, a day we celebrate around here every day. But it sure didn’t start out like a celebration. My mornings are always chaotic and rushed. I start my day out at […]

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Re-defining dull moment

It’s a known fact that neither Karen nor I have ever had a puppy. We have always loved our more “lifestyle” dogs. You know, the couch potatoes. When we got the call that the little […]

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Life in the fast lane

I must confess, having puppies in the house equates to never having a dull moment. These have un-ending energy. And, just when I think they are winding down, their two-minute power nap has re-charged their […]

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My little fashionistas

Apparently Glory thinks Sage needs a hat. He agrees.

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Bedtime story

Are you tired of puppy pictures yet? Just for the record, when my daughters were but young pups I documented nearly every day of their first year too, and yes I know right where those […]

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The little toe

According to Facebook, the little toe was designed specifically to Geo-locate furniture in low light conditions. I personally can attest to that fact. Apparently, so can Cinderella. It started with a limp. The kind that […]

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