You want details

September 29, 2014 Fergie 1 Comment


Nope, not saying a word.

Who’s walking who?

September 28, 2014 Fergie 3 Comments

Just a walkin’ down the straight-a-way   

Cute little girl, you are packed. Who’s on the other end of that leash? Hmmmm? Is there something you would like to tell us?

We have a great grand doggy

September 27, 2014 Jericho 4 Comments

Munchie and Jericho   

You have all met Jericho, our new granddoggy that joined us last summer.

Just a week or two after Megan lost Sadie, a friend contacted me about the little sable Italian greyhound that was available. The beautiful little puppy was only 8 weeks old. Megan just wasn’t ready, her heart was still broken in a million pieces over Sadie. Kim already had one Italian greyhound, so she took little Munchie to join her family. Several weeks later when Megan decided she was ready for another Iggy, Kim reached out and found out that Jericho was being retired by the breeder.

Jericho joined our family and has brought so much joy to Megan and her family. It was truly a match made in heaven. When we met Jericho, we found out that Munchie was actually Jericho’s son.

Today I got to photograph both my grand doggy and my great grand doggy.

Something is happening

September 26, 2014 Flocko 4 Comments


Tonight our vet came over to the house to update all of the vaccinations before the dogs go to the kennel next week.

Actually, Flocko and Flo are going to stay home with a babysitter while the rest of them go to camp Lisa.

They all know something is in the air and they don’t like it, not one little bit. Karen and I frantically trying to get everything done. When we planned this trip, we had so much time and vacation would literally never arrive. Now, it is right on top of us.

We can do this, I know we can.

Two steps forward, one step backward

September 22, 2014 Flo 7 Comments

Rough night little girlfriend?   

I really wish Flo could tell us how she was feeling. I was gone most of the day yesterday, so I couldn’t really observe her. It seems that when she’s up, she’s her spunky little self. She eats like there is no tomorrow and barks her fool head off until her dinner bowl is placed before her.

At about 11 pm last night, she started to cough, her breathing was labored and she was really restless.

I panicked a bit, do we take her to the e-vet where they don’t have her records and would probably want to start testing from ground zero? Do we call our vet at home? And then, it dawned on me, she’s a cardio patient at Oregon State University. So we called the emergency number down there. They responded quickly, thankfully. They thought she was probably experiencing more symptoms of the congestive heart failure. They had us increase her lasix and give it to her last night. By 4 am this morning she was finally starting to relax a little and begin to rest. We were pretty scared.

She went in for another ekg and chest xray and lab work this morning and between our vet and OSU, they both concurred that she probably wasn’t on a high enough of dose of lasix.

She’s much better tonight.

Happy birthday little one

September 20, 2014 Flo 3 Comments


I see by the calendar that today is number 11 little girl. Wow, where has the time gone?

Here’s to every day a good one.

Happy birthday Flo.

Visiting grandma

September 18, 2014 Goldee 3 Comments


We told ghost stories.


Two point oh by 2

September 15, 2014 Fergie 2 Comments

Extended tongue edition   

Extra long tongue for better sloppy, wet kisses.

Two point oh

September 14, 2014 Fergie 3 Comments

Well, hello!

It’s the weekend happy dance

September 12, 2014 Pete 2 Comments


Some days I think the weekend is never going to get here. We all let out a big sigh of relief at 5 pm on Friday nights.

So many things to see and do, The real question is, how many things will actually get checked off of the list. Before we know it, Sunday night will be right back.

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