Wow, just wow

April 16, 2015 dogs 1 Comment

Karen and a pup from the Marion County Dog Shelter   

I think I have mentioned a time or two that Karen and I got out to the Marion County Dog Shelter here in Salem to take photos of the dogs available for adoption. It’s something we really love to do. And those doggies, they are always amazing. I have always said Karen has the best job.

Last week we got a letter saying that Marion County was celebrating volunteers this week and invited Karen and I to a meeting on Wednesday morning. Karen had to work, but I snuck away from my job for a little and went down.

Just because we love what we do   

When they called our names, I had no idea this was what we were receiving. What an honor for us.


April 13, 2015 Flo 2 Comments


Some of the cardiac meds Flo is on are actually human meds and we have to get them at Costco.

It’s been a couple of crazy, busy weeks and I just called Costco early last week to get a refill. We didn’t have any other refills, so they had to call the vet. Along with our refill we got a friendly reminder that she was due for another check-up.

Somewhere in the translation, Costco didn’t fill the script and when we got there on Saturday to pick it up, it wasn’t ready.

Fortunately, we have enough to get her through until we get back to Costco, but it was a good lesson for us to never wait until the last minute to pick up the refill.

Still one day at a time.

It’s National Sibling Day!

April 10, 2015 Jillian, Slinky, Timber, Zip 2 Comments

Slinky, Skirvee and Jillian   

I have to give a great big shout-out to the garden siblings.

The original siblings were the triplets. Fortunately, we still have Slinky and Jillian, but not a day goes by that I don’t think about Skirvee and how much we miss him. He was such a great boy.

Timber and Zipper   

And another shout-out to Timber and Zippy, the newest sibling pair in the gardens. We are so, so glad to have them as part of our family.

Just a minute, Timber is whispering something in my ear.

Oh, the secret. A high five to Timber’s secret.

Hi from the Zoi boys

April 8, 2015 Timber, Zip 1 Comment

Timber and Zip   

Some days just can’t possibly get any better.

My grand doggers

April 7, 2015 Autzen, Goldee 1 Comment

Goldee and Autzen

The girls came down to the acre to play a little ball on Sunday.

For a little extra enjoyment, you have to go see the entire series on the photo blog. First Pitch of the Season

What’s that Timber?

April 6, 2015 Timber 4 Comments


Rhut-roh, rumor has Timber has a new secret and he’s not telling anyone! My oh my, whatever could it be?

Enjoying a little sunshine

April 5, 2015 Flo 2 Comments


She’s getting so skinny, but we had her out with us today and she really enjoyed it.

Sad, sad puppies

March 31, 2015 Zip 1 Comment


He looked left.

He looked right.

The really sad fact was there were no mommies in sight.

They were not at home, the mommies left them alone.

Their vacation was over, such a shame for poor Rover.

And the mommies felt bad that their puppies were sad.

We’re not happy

March 29, 2015 Pete 2 Comments


Nobody wants us to return to work tomorrow.

Please don’t end vacation

March 28, 2015 Fergie 1 Comment


These are the sentiments as we end our week off. Of course the doggies loved having us home. Life was grand.

Karen and I got so much accomplished. The walls in the living room are beautifully painted, what else but three shades of grey. We still have to paint and install the baseboards and the crown molding. We still dream of getting the kitchen and the bathrooms remodeled. It’s impossible to sit in the kitchen now. The yellow laminate counter top has got to go as does the wall paper, partially stripped by cats. The avocado colored toilet, bathtub and sink… need I say more. But the goal is to pay cash as we transition.

So for now, I will sit at my computer in the dining room and enjoy my three shades of grey and mourn the end of a productive and greyt spring break.

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