Be still my beating heart

December 19, 2014 greyhound 1 Comment


We went up the adoption kennel today to photograph the new dogs.

My heart is still skipping beats, isn’t she beautiful?

Winding down

December 18, 2014 Slinky Leave a comment


It’s been a busy couple of weeks, I’m really glad to be winding down. Now I just have to get the calendar finished.

I can do this.

Happy Birthday Holly

December 13, 2014 Goldee 2 Comments

Holly and Goldee   

Holy smokes, how do 28 years go by quickly? It seems like just yesterday that I was watching stretch marks shoot across my belly like a cracked windshield. She’s 28 and gorgeous, I still look like a highway roadmap.

She confides all of her secrets to Goldee now, but when I need her, she is Johnny on the spot. She’s helping me with my photography business and everyday she totally rocks my world.

Happy birthday, kiddo. The stretch marks are so worth it.

A girl’s needs

December 12, 2014 Fergie, Sara 2 Comments

Fergie and Sarah   

Fergie was one of the first dogs out after dinner and when she came in, she went to her penthouse. For whatever reason, this is the only space in the house she wants to be.

I guess a girl needs the penthouse suite.

Oh Fergie oh Fergie

December 11, 2014 Fergie 2 Comments

Mud anyone   

I’m trying to remember the last time we had a young lady in the house. It seems like most of our girls have come to us as gentle ladies.

Then came Fergie.

So, we’ve had a bit of rain, apparently Fergie found the best mud puddles on the acre. And yes, she raced into the house looking like this. At first glance without my glasses on it looked like her dark brindle.

But wait, that was not the end of the Fergie antics.

If cats can do it, so can Fergie   

We usually have a cushion or two on top of the kennels, we through them down on the floor when everyone is out when we are home. I was sitting at the computer when I heard whining. Worried that something was really wrong, I turned around to see Fergie lounging on the cushion on top of the kennel.

Really Fergie? She was terribly cute. That’s not something we really want to cultivate however. That’s a mighty big picture window she could hurt herself on.

I fear that a day without Fergie would be a day without a tornado. Our little girlfriend keeps us on our toes.

Good morning Timber

December 11, 2014 Timber 1 Comment


Wishing you a most awesome day.

Slinky is finally feeling better

December 8, 2014 Slinky 2 Comments


My little lady is finally starting to feel better. Over the weekend our vet put her on Flagyl and that seems to be doing the trick.

Good grief, we’ll be purchasing extra hair color next time.

It’s a good day when…

December 7, 2014 Zip 1 Comment

Zip and Santa Paws   

Stella and Chewy treats fall from the sky.

Today I did a photo fundraiser for two small non-profit groups here in Salem. They had a guy they had worked with before as Santa Paws. He was amazing and awesome. I had a great time working with him.

Holly came down from Portland to help and Karen stayed at home with the doggies. I called her up and asked her to bring one of the dogs in so that I could get their photo. Zip drew the short straw.

He was less than thrilled posing with the jolly guy in red. Not his mama.

His ears suddenly perked up when treats started falling from the sky.

Today’s fundraiser

December 6, 2014 Odin 1 Comment

Olivia and Odin   

At this time of year I am swamped with fundraisers for various non0profit groups. I really do love what I do. Since the beginning of November, I have done fundraisers for the greyhounds, the ridgebacks, the Humane Society and today was Marion County Dog Shelter.

Our grand dogger Odin is an alum of the Marion County Dog Shelter, so we were more than happy to help out. I never ever expected to have a line out the door. I was scheduled to work from 11 am to 3 pm and we finally started packing up at 4 pm so that we could accommodate everyone that came out. It was wildly successful.

Celebrating Vanessa

December 5, 2014 dogs 2 Comments

Vanessa Johnson   

Our dogs have brought the most wonderful people into our lives. I am often amazed at how rich our lives are because of them.

Vanessa was one of those people. She owned and operated Shuttle Pets. She transported pets all over the United States and Canada. When Zip’s breeder in Florida asked if we would like him, we said yes before we thought about the logistics. Fortunately for us, Shuttle Pets was out there.

When I contacted Vanessa last December, she said she would be happy to transport Zip from Florida to Oregon, but we would have to wait until the chain and snow tire law lifted on April 30.

Five months to the day, Vanessa arrived at our doorstep with Zip. We loved her instantly. We only had a few hours with her, but she was the kind of person you want to be friends for a lifetime.

We learned today that she had been involved in a single-car accident. They towed her rig and a policeman took her to a pet-friendly motel. I don’t know any other details except that she passed away sometime. We were very sad when we heard the news.

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