He fits better

October 30, 2014 Zip 1 Comment


Timber and Zip are nearly the same size, yet somehow, Zip seems to fit much better.

I think we need a bigger settee

October 29, 2014 Timber 4 Comments


What on earth did the borzoi do during the Victorian era?

I have no words

October 28, 2014 Sara 2 Comments


October edition, name that twin

October 27, 2014 Jillian, Slinky 2 Comments

Twin number one   

One by one we took everyone out to my little rustic studio for  their 2015 calendar portrait.

Sadly, I just wasn’t as inspired as I had hoped I would be. Now I’m gonna have to put my brain in high gear and see if I can’t come up with something else.

Aargh, it’s almost November!

Twin number two   

Can you identify the twins? They are looking pretty darn hot for closing in on the downhill slope to 13.

Be very afraid

October 24, 2014 Zip 2 Comments


The Willamette Humane Society Boo Bash is Saturday. We’ll be there, will you?

Bwah ha ha.

The grand dogger

October 23, 2014 Goldee 2 Comments


Our grand dogger Lil’ Miss Goldee was over for a visit. She’s a little shy until it comes to having her photo taken, then she becomes a bit of a camera hound. That makes this grandma very happy.

Hey Zip and Timber

October 22, 2014 Timber, Zip 4 Comments

Timber and Zip   

Happy 4th birthday boys!

It’s that time of year again

October 21, 2014 Flo 5 Comments


Every year I do a few calendars mostly for family. Every year I promise myself that I won’t wait until the last minute to do it. Every year on November 1 I’m panicking because I haven’t thought of a theme for the calendar.

Tonight I have some adoptable dogs come over for their photos and I took Flo out to my little rustic studio to see if she would grace me with the first photo for the season. She couldn’t have looked more beautiful.

And so, the mad rush for the calendar begins.

Nothing on purpose

October 20, 2014 Zip 1 Comment


Somedays on vacation, we did nothing on purpose. It was so awesome.

Reliving our vacation

October 19, 2014 Timber, Zip 3 Comments

Timber and Zip   

We’ve been back one week and it feels like our vacation was an eternity ago. I caught myself humming this evening “I need a vacation.” I think it’s gonna be a long year.

I finally got around to uploading our photos. As a small momento I ordered this as a 30 x 40″ canvas to hang over the fireplace.

Country roads, take me back.

And yes, the reveal is coming… soon. There is still a surprise waiting for the gardens.

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