Oh Miss Nellie Bellie

September 10, 2015 Cinderella 1 Comment


In July Cinderella broke her outside toe on one of her hind legs. There wasn’t much we could do but keep an on the toe and if things didn’t get better, we would have to amputate it.

She has done really well.

On Sunday she played and ran and had a grand time. She was fine and honestly, we forgot she had even broken the toe.

She buck and jumped and absolutely had a blast playing with the tennis ball.

And then, tonight she could barely walk into the house. Something clearly wasn’t right. I don’t think she re-injured the toe on Sunday, but I’m wondering if she did something on her first run out after work.

The squirrels and jays were going crazy in the back yard.

She’ll get the 24 hour rule. If she isn’t moving better tomorrow, it’s back to the vet for her.

The logic of Fergie

September 6, 2015 Fergie 1 Comment


This little girl is our one dog that is truly wired for sound. She’s perky, she’s happy, she’s demanding, she’s cuddly, she’s fun, she travels well, she gets along with everyone as long as they play by her rules.

And, she is probably one of the smartest greyhounds that has crossed our threshold.

If you walked into our house, you would see that we are wall-to-wall dog cushions. There is a narrow path that leads through the house.

Last night Fergie wanted on the couch. Not a cushion, not the love seat behind my desk. She wanted the couch and it was blocked by other dogs sleeping around the sofa sleeper.

She looked and not being deterred, she hopped up on the sleeper, walked across and jumped onto the couch.

What Fergie wants, Fergie gets.

Beach babes

August 28, 2015 Glory, Sage 2 Comments

Glory and Sage   

During the summer, the college works four ten-hour days and takes Fridays off. The ten-hour days get a bit grueling, but the Fridays off are decadent. Today was my last Friday. I’m not really sure what happened, when the summer started we had big plans. Today we finally made it out to the beach with the babies. Their first trip to the beach.

Needless to say, I think we broke the babies. When we got back to the car they both laid down the minute they hit the cushions and we never heard another peep out of them.

Sage and Glory    

They were pretty excited when we first got there. They barely wanted to hang for a photo and were ready to go exploring.

New things to put in their mouths, people to watch, new air to sniff, the roar of the incoming tide to listen to and feel the sand in their toes.

Sage and Glory   

Despite their love for the kiddy pools in our backyard, they wanted nothing to do with the ocean water. They barked at the strange dogs on the beach. They didn’t like the feel of the stringy sea weed in their mouths. But the horse poop left on the beach? That was a delicacy and we were on constant watch to keep them away from the tasty nuggets.

Oh Slinky

August 27, 2015 Jillian, Slinky 1 Comment

Slinky and Jillian   

Yesterday was National Dog Day, a day we celebrate around here every day. But it sure didn’t start out like a celebration.

My mornings are always chaotic and rushed. I start my day out at 4:45 am and still it’s nip and tuck to get out of here and to work on time.

I got all of the dogs run successfully for the their first run of the morning, holding the pickles and the lettuce was no problem as I fixed all of the their different breakfasts.

Shower. Check.

First pack out. Check.

Second pack out. Something was wrong with Slinky. Honestly, I thought she had had a stroke. She could barely stand and couldn’t walk at all. It was 6:50 am. Evets closed at 7:30, same time my vet opened their doors. I finished running the dogs, kept checking on Slinky, tears streaming down my face. Jillian never left her side.

As I started to carry her out to the car, Jillian was not letting me out the door so I laid Slinky back down and kenneled Jillian. As I carried Slinky out the door, Jillian screamed. Not a bark, not a howl, she screamed at the top of her lungs. It only brought more tears, but I knew what I had to do.

The vet came immediately into the exam room, not really sure what was wrong. Her heart was racing much too fast, but after a little while she was able to stand and even started to walking.

I laid on the floor right beside her as they did an ekg and ever so slowly, her heart beat came down. They did a chest xray and it was unremarkable. We really have no idea what happened. But it scared the daylights out of me.

We celebrated the minute I brought her home. I let her outside and went to get Jillian. When Jillian saw her, her tail wagged like I have never seen it. She was so happy.

The twins turned 13 in May. Every day is a day to celebrate.

Re-defining dull moment

August 7, 2015 Glory, Sage, Zip 1 Comment

Sage and Glory

It’s a known fact that neither Karen nor I have ever had a puppy. We have always loved our more “lifestyle” dogs. You know, the couch potatoes.

When we got the call that the little girl was available, fear penetrated my soul, but the call of the wild was stronger. We loved the idea of experiencing a puppy.

Glory and Zippy    

Zippy is an amazing baby sitter. He is so patient with them now. It took a couple of days of watching them closely, but he is so good at wearing them out just even a little bit.

Taunting Zip, just a little bit   

It’s true, Glory teases Zip almost unmercifully at times. See that couch? Before we knew we were going to have babies, we invested in a custom leather couch.

Resting zone, if only for a minute   

We try to keep it covered for mild protection. I’m not really sure how successful we are now that the puppies have arrived.

Sage, Glory and Zip   

The entire living room has been converted into a romper room as they play leap frog from cushion to cushion and take flying leaps onto and off of the couch.

A boost from Zip   

This is what much of our day looks like now. Always having adult dogs in the house is so different.

What are they doing?   

The two younguns’ squabble like this all of the time. And every thing they say about those baby teeth being sharp is so, so true.

As Sage hung off of the arm of the couch for the longest time, Zip and Glory got in a few licks of their own.

Glory and Zip   

Yes, this is our new life. Laughter and fun and giggles and not much quiet time.

Life in the fast lane

August 3, 2015 Glory, Sage Leave a comment

Sage and Glory

I must confess, having puppies in the house equates to never having a dull moment. These have un-ending energy. And, just when I think they are winding down, their two-minute power nap has re-charged their batteries for another un-ending play session. They crack me up every minute of every day.

Glory and Sage   

Just when I think their batteries are running down, they take a two-minute power nap and they are off again. Running, chasing and just a whole lot of rough and tumble. I can’t help but sit in the middle of the action and just watch them play. They really are a ton of fun.


Every once in awhile, we will catch those sweet and tender moments that bring a tear to our eye, hardly believing how lucky we are to have a puppy or two in our life.


How could anyone possibly say no to this face?

My little fashionistas

July 29, 2015 Glory, Sage Leave a comment

Sage and Glory

Sage and Glory   

Apparently Glory thinks Sage needs a hat. He agrees.

Bedtime story

July 27, 2015 Glory, Sage Leave a comment

Glory and Sage   

Are you tired of puppy pictures yet?

Just for the record, when my daughters were but young pups I documented nearly every day of their first year too, and yes I know right where those photos are.

These two are growing like weeds. Faster than the weeds in our backyard. We are discovering that their batteries are lasting longer too before they crash. But the minute they crash, it probably has to be the sweetest thing in the world.

Oh, if they could just stay little.


The little toe

July 26, 2015 Cinderella Leave a comment

According to Facebook, the little toe was designed specifically to Geo-locate furniture in low light conditions.

I personally can attest to that fact.


Apparently, so can Cinderella.

It started with a limp. The kind that sends the fear of panic into us. Then, we noticed some swelling in the foot. We had a few run ins with spider bites, so we just assumed that we were dealing with another spider bite.

The toe   

Even with antibiotics, the swelling didn’t go down so we were off to the vet clinic, our home away from home.

A little touchy feelie by the vet and she was off for xrays.

Poor little pumpkin has broken her toe. There really isn’t much you can do with a broken toe and it is typical of a racing injury. We are guessing she probably did it while running around like a wild woman.


Never fear little one. We will get you back to as good as new.

When we grow up

July 25, 2015 Glory, Sage, Zip Leave a comment

Sage, Glory and Zippy

Ever so slowly we are letting the puppies play with the other dogs. Zippy is incredibly gentle with them, but I still remain the nervous nelly and probably overly cautious.

We took the puppies out for a few meet and greets today and they are amazing with people. So sweet and loving.

I find it hard to believe that they are going to be as big as Zip… soon.

We took them shopping for chew toys today. The pig ears were a huge hit.

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