Lady Sadie

April 24, 2014 Sadie Leave a comment


The week did to get better for little Lady Sadie. My heart is shedding a million tears right now for both Sadie and my daughter.

Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2014 Timber 2 Comments


Lady Sadie and Sir Caleb

April 21, 2014 Caleb, Sadie 3 Comments

Caleb and Sadie   

My daughter has a pair of antique Italian greyhounds. Sadie will be 14 next month and Caleb is nearing 16. When Megan adopted them, they were both over 25 lbs and their weight should be about 12 and 14 lbs. Megan has worked through weight loss, luxating patellas and grand mal seizures with Sadie.

All that life has thrown at them, both good and bad, is beginning to take it’s toll on Sadie.

She needs a little white light her direction tonight.

More assistant abuse

April 19, 2014 Timber 3 Comments

Karen and Timber   

I have the best assistant in the whole world.

Last night the lighting was perfect, the flowers were in bloom and I was ready for photos. Karen was ever so happy to take Timber out for me. And then, I thought he should run through the field of flowers.

Her pants didn’t look that bad covered in bright yellow pollen.

Ever so thankful none of us have allergies.

A little sunshine

April 13, 2014 Timber 2 Comments


To start your week.

Nope, nothing in life is free

April 12, 2014 Timber 3 Comments


We got a bit of an attitude from the red head a few weeks ago. It did not make me a happy camper.

And when momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy. Timber got put on NILIF.

This dog blew me right out of the water. It took him a day to sit. Another day to shake, then shake with the other paw. Down was a walk in the park. I put his beloved Stella and Chewy treat on his paw and told him to leave it. He is amazing me. He leaves it. He stands. Now I’m trying to get him to gently jump up and give me a hug, we’re not doing so well with that one. All of the other commands he does. He just makes me laugh with joy.

Of course, it upset his tender tummy for a few days when the rules changed and if he doesn’t want to eat, he’s not so motivated.

Now that he’s feeling better, for just a few treats we can whip right the commands.

Ah yes, that’s our boyzoi.


The newest settee

April 10, 2014 Pete 5 Comments


I needed another one like I needed a hole in my head.

But, isn’t it pretty?

Looking over her shoulder

April 9, 2014 Crystal 3 Comments


Our house is about a quarter mile from the high school. It’s never been a problem. The kids that walk by have always been good and they never taunt the dogs.

Timber loves having the high school so close because on his walks he frequently get extra loves and attention from the students.

However, during the fall and spring, they have noisy outdoor sports. Football in the fall and track in the spring. Crystal and Flo are petrified of the noise.

I suppose it’s the loud speaker and lights during football season.

For track season though, it’s the gun they shoot to start the races. The entire evening they are just miserable, unwilling to go out and in Flo’s case, she won’t even eat her dinner. Since we get a break for winter and summer, we forget how much they dislike the noise. Tonight track season kicked off. The minute I saw them on the field when I drove by I remembered.

Poor babies. They wish that it were basketball indoors all year long.

I wanna be the assistant

April 8, 2014 Oregon Greyhound Adoption 3 Comments


I always love going up to the kennels to meet the new greyhounds. I always want to adopt another. This guy was really special. I could have taken him home in a heartbeat. He even tried to woo Karen for me. I cam home empty-handed.


This one was pure magic. So sweet, so gentle. I thought for sure she could work her way into the car.

Next time I wanna be the assistant.

15 day old greyhound puppies

April 6, 2014 greyhound, Oregon Greyhound Adoption, Puppies 3 Comments

15 day old pups   

Look at these beautiful 15 day old greyhounds. They are so sweet.

I whispered in one of their ears that when they retired, I would have a couch waiting.

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