aka Cruising Titanic • November 21, 2002 – May 30, 2012

Greyhounds are very well known as the 45 mile per hour couch potato. Gili was clearly no exception. He wasn’t much of a racer, in fact, he didn’t have any races under his belt. He had a bigger and better job to do with his life.

He started out at our house as a foster dog. He was one cool dog. He had this overbite that went on forever. He was a big boy too, weighing in somewhere around 85 lbs. He was gentle as a lamb.

When we met Carol, she was looking for a service dog and Gili (we knew him as Dude) held his paw high in the air, ready to report to duty. They were a match made in heaven. Gili was there for Carol every day and Carol was there for Gili every minute.

Carol renamed “Dude”. She named him Gili, short for Gili Gadoga, Cherokee for “Standing Dog.” It fit, he stood beside her for the best eight years of his life.

Carol and I kept in contact over the years, not often but often enough to share the best stories. One night she called to tell me that she and Gili had met a pet communicator. Gili said that he wanted a kitten. Off they went to get Gili a kitten and a new best friend.

Enter Yum Yum. I never got to meet Yum Yum, but according Carol, Gili loved this little kitty and took care of her almost as well as he took care of Carol.

Carol has a playful side and Gili humored her, more than once. She would dress him for the occasion. I think perhaps my favorite story was the one about Gili playing the donkey in the nativity scene. It’s my understanding that Gili stole the show.


We should all be so fortunate to meet our heart dog as Carol was to meet hers.

I know from experience that although Gili is not right by her side physically, he is still looking out for her.

I’ve never known a greater love than Carol and Gili had.

Race with the wind, Gili. You were one of the best.


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