aka Cleos Cameo Dec. 22, 1995–March 28, 2008


Our Dearest Cleo,

There is a huge emptiness in the house today. I think your buddy Blender really feels it.

You brought so much joy into our lives, though your stay was much to short and your arrival such a sparkle. I remember the call. Terri, we have a 10 year old, she’s been in her home for 8 years. They just bought a new house and they don’t think she is happy. “We’ll take her” and then… Gracie had osteo, we couldn’t take you just then. Three weeks later, Gracie left us and I checked and sure enough, you still needed a place to hang your muzzle. At 4:30 a.m. on March 30, 2006 I left the warmth of my bed to make the four hour trek to your foster home and bring you home. I took you straight to your other mama’s work place, she left for a minute to come meet you and it was love at first sight.

You were sad, you had lost some weight and you wondered what you had gotten yourself into when you met the garden hounds. I remember the night I sat at the foot of my bed and you and I talked. You told me about how you had spent your life as an only child and you didn’t know about living with all of the others. I assured you that we had enough love to give you and everyone else. You were a garden hound now and from that day forth, you knew and you blossomed.

You immediately became a card carrying member of the double-digit gang and you wore your bling so well when the Red Hot Houndies gathered together.

You took to the acre like you had always been here. I have vivid happy memories of you running and running and running, stopping under the cedar trees, catching your breath and going again. On sunny days, you would lay in the green grass and catch the rays. It was a very good two years.

I will miss sitting at the computer and working. Without skipping a beat, 45 minutes before every meal you would sound the trumpets. You made sure everyone knew it was almost meal time and I had better not forget. There was no peace until I got up and fixed your meals.

95% of your pictures are the same pose. You would lift your nose to the skies, face slightly away from the camera as if to say to me “Dahling, this is my good side.” Cleo, I have 28 pictures on my office walls and when people come in and look around, that is always one of their favorites.

I know this last week has been a hard one. You have been such a trooper, your vets and techs loved you very much. I’m sorry for all of the bloody tests, but sweety, we had to know. If we could have fixed you, we would have done everything under the sun to do so. You left us so peacefully, and I know in my heart that you beat us back to the gardens.

To say the very least Cleo, you were one elegant and classy old broad. We will miss you so very very much. Sending lots of love from your moms.

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