aka DJ’s Out and About • April 16, 1996–October 13, 2007


Barbie, Barbie, Bibbaly Babbaly Boo,

I remember the day they called us from the Humane Society better than ever. They had a 10 year old girl that needed out of there, could we help. Twenty minutes is all it took to get to you. They brought you out to the lobby. You were stunning in your black coat and white face and you had the happiest tail wag.

We gave you a collar, a leash and a tag that said Greyhound Gardens. You pranced out the door with your head held high and wagging that tail. You never looked back. Not to the Humane Society and not to your previous life. You were a Greyhound Gardens girl now.

The car ride home was fit for a queen and you were pretty sure you hit pay dirt. Ten days was a long time to stay in a shelter, even though they were wonderful to you and sprung you as soon as they could.

You arrived in the gardens, a big yard to sniff and then, they came out one by one. What’s this you thought? Friends that were just like you? You sniffed, they sniffed, we all sniffed. Someone to play with, someone to chase with. Lots of someones that were permanent additions to your life. You thought twice about that and soon realized you could be the boss. You happily staked your claim and everyone around you respected that.

Meal time was your favorite. Good grief you could eat, first to your kennel, first done.

You wore your feathers well, you were fabulous in feathers.

Our last walk today to the high school was as elegant and graceful as our first. You pranced, you held your head high and you wagged your tail. We’re going to miss you like crazy. We love you much Babs.

By the way, Foxy Roxy called dibbs on the cushion under the kitchen table.

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