Clancy  Beggers Bounty

Birthday November 19, 2000
Gotcha May 30, 2002


It was a Thursday I think. On Saturday Bentley and Murphy had gone to their forever home with Karen. I got the call asking if I would take another shy boy. He just needed some help with his social graces.

I met the president of our group at Jiffy Lube and who I saw at the other end of the leash, was absolutely gorgeous. A big brindle boy with these big brown eyes. He was just a baby, only 18 months old and they called him Begger.

I wasn’t living on the acre yet, I lived in home with a normal size yard, but still big enough for a greyhound not to get caught. He was a tough one to get in the house. I remember leaving trails of cheese into the back door, hiding behind the door so that I could quickly close it as soon as he entered. He was more crafty than I and we played that game for about a week before he started to trust me.

He came as the foster, he became a family member as Clancy. In the beginning I was totally a foster failure. I loved them all.

Clancy loved to grab his food bowl and take it with him. We’d find it on the beds, on the couches and many times we wouldn’t find it for a couple of days.

In July 2008, we found a fist sized lump on his shoulder. An immediate trip to the vet and a needle aspirate biopsy confirmed our worst fears. Clancy had a sarcoma. He was slated for surgery almost immediately. Our vet was excellent, she aggressively went after the tumor and came back with clean margins. He hadn’t been out of surgery for more than thirty minutes, they needed me to come sit with him because he was wigging out big time.

After that, we made the decision that it would be best for Clancy not to put him through anything that would stress him out. So far, he’s survived three years and no sign of a re-occurance.

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