Buddy Barry Bourbon

Birthday November 7, 1997
Gotcha March 6, 2004


Oh my buddy. Perhaps one of the sweetest greyhounds ever. Buddy was returned to the adoption group because he had a bite under his belt. I never knew the whole story nor did I care. Bentley was still with us the day we met Buddy and we had just adopted Joey. Buddy was at an adoption event and when I knelt to meet him, there was a connection.

It’s little tougher to adopt a hound out that has a “history” and we were asked if we would like to take him home.

Buddy is my constant companion, my boy. He’s sweet and gentle, he leans into me as if I need to hold him up, but he’s the one that holds me up.

Buddy is one of those greyhounds that just had bad teeth. Once again, I think greyhounds are a lot like people. Some have strong teeth, some have crappy teeth. By the time he was 11, he was toothless. To this day, he still has a healthy appetite. No teeth, not a problem.

He’s our dinner companion. With his big brown eyes and a little bit of drool, he stands between us at dinner hoping for a morsel or two, or better yet a plate of his own.

OK I admit it. If it’s healthy for us, it probably isn’t going to hurt the hounds. French fries are out of the question, but seriously a few green beans or some chicken breast and we have a friend for life.

Yup, he’s my Buddy.

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