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Morning rituals

I love our weekend mornings more than anything else. I start looking forward to them on Sundays at noon. It all starts after we run and feed the dogs. Karen makes the coffee and bright-eyed […]

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Raining big dogs

We faithfully went to the barn for our coffee over the weekend, but we had rain, a little more rain and even more rain. Our poor acre has no idea what to do with all […]

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Rumor has it

The white stuff is coming again late tomorrow night. Really? We’ve had so many winter days like this that I have completely lost count.  I’ve been watching the weather and I almost don’t believe them. […]

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Spring is just around the corner

We spent quite a bit of time outside today. The season’s are getting ready to change and it feels so good. The mornings have started out around 34°, but by afternoon, they are lobbying for […]

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Our morning coffee view

Sunday morning. Oh how I love my relaxed cup of coffee in the barn with Karen. I’ve discovered that we get up way earlier than the birds. Pete, our hummingbird, is always up when we […]

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A better day

Today was much better for Zippy. Thank goodness. That boy had me pretty worried yesterday. He ate his breakfast, not with a whole lot of enthusiasm, but he at. I told him he was going […]

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Still under the weather

Our boy isn’t feeling too well right now.  I took him to the emergency clinic on Sunday night around midnight. They did X-rays and blood work and didn’t come back with anything conclusive. I took […]

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Step one, feed the birds

Step two, prevent the borzoi from eating the bird seed the starlings don’t want to eat. We love watching the birds. They entertain us for hours. We’ve been recently overthrown by the European starling society. […]

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Longing for hot summer nights

We have had below freezing temps for over a week now. We still have snow on the ground from last weekend. That never ever happens in Oregon. When I went out at noon to refill […]

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What’s new in the gardens

So many changes happened around here in the last year, I’m not even sure where to begin. I guess I will start with the happy stories. We started a garden again. It was, to say […]

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