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The welcoming committee

First the good news, Emma and Jori did fine during my week in Santa Fe. It’s extremely hot here and that is not doing Jori any favors. We’re taking it one day at a time. […]

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Once upon a time

The boys love their story time. Well, really, they love their treat time.

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And you thought it was just for race cars! Timber and Zip are officially Salem celebrities. Here’s a link to the article in our local newspaper the Statesman Journal. Generosity Unleashed

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Monkey see, monkey do

Timber is so happy with Zip here. He’s just a whole new dog. In the last two weeks he has spent a whole lot of time just watching Zip. He always used to squat when […]

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After the first week

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Timber is so happy having Zip here. He really loves the company of another borzoi. We took them out yesterday twice to play in addition to their daily walk. They raced after each other and […]

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The first playdate

Zip arrived last Friday and we have been faithfully walking them together everyday. Tonight we muzzled them up for safety and let them run and play on the acre. It was beautiful. I have always […]

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Getting to know you

We’re taking lots of walks together.

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Timber’s reveal

The story actually starts in December. I remember the day well because I had just left Danny Bleu at the clinic not knowing he would never come home again. Carol, one of Timber’s breeders asked […]

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Fun times Friday

Timber’s surprise arrives tomorrow. Holy smokes! Deep breath, everything will be awesome.

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