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Makin’ a list

November 16, 2013 Timber 1 Comment


“Tis the season. I have at least three Santa Paws coming up and we thought we had better check out the new Santa suit. Timber thought it was only fitting that he be the model and that the very first thing on his list be treats.

Holy cow

November 2, 2013 Timber 2 Comments


We did a photo fundraiser for the Oregon Greyhound Adoption today. There were more than 30 dogs, 27 sessions and overall it was very successful.

We had a blast, but we sure are tuckered pups tonight.

Just for the record

October 30, 2013 Timber 7 Comments


He took all of his pills and ate both of meals plus healthy snacks.

The prednisone appetite is back.

He is Mr. Picky Pants no more. Hrumph!

My final answer

October 29, 2013 Timber 3 Comments


Do I look like I want to take my pills? Helllooooo, I have a tummy ache. You can’t make me take my pills. And yes, that is final answer. NO!

Fine young man, don’t take your pills. Get your hairy little butt into the car, if you won’t take your pills for us, you can take them from your vet.

And yes, that is our final answer.

Oh Timber, not again

October 28, 2013 Timber 7 Comments


Just when we thought the boy zoi was doing so well, he had a relapse… big time.

His appetite has been waining. Karen suspected he was sliding backward. I preferred to stick my head deeper in the sand and say he just wasn’t a big eater.

He ate very little on Saturday. By Saturday night, we were full steam ahead with the whole inflammatory bowel thing. He wanted in, he had to go back out, he wanted in and on and on.

At 1 am, we wondered if a trip to e-vets was in order, instead, we propped the back door open, heated up the cold night air with the furnace and Karen tried to sleep with one eye open as he came and went at his own desire.

Sunday morning Karen and Timber were first in line at the vet. Another round of blood work (he was just in there on Wednesday), a couple of injections and they came home.

Today we started him back on the prednisone. By this evening his prednisone appetite had returned.

I’m guessing kibble will never be in his vocabulary.

I’m so sorry big guy, you are just too cool of a dog/boy to have this happen to.

Good news

October 24, 2013 Timber 5 Comments


It ain’t Addison’s disease. That was the good news of the day. We still don’t know why his appetite has dropped off again, so we are expanding his limited ingredient diet to Acana Ranchlands kibble, beef, bison and lamb. It’s a limited ingredient kibble, so we are hoping beyond hope that adding another protein that it doesn’t throw his inflammatory bowel disease into an uproar.

How can one hunka, hunka hound dog cause so much trouble. We love the big guy anyway.

Happy birthday zoiboy

October 23, 2013 Timber 5 Comments


The kid turned three years old today.  Wow. I don’t think I want time to fly by so fast.

On another note, he went in for his second Addison’s disease test today. Hopefully we’ll know something tomorrow.

Look at me

October 7, 2013 Timber 4 Comments


You would think that since I pay my assistant and chief model so well, that they would pay attention to me.


Death by assistant

October 6, 2013 Timber 2 Comments


When we go to the beach for a photo session, I go home a sandy, wet mess. Karen on the other hand, works very hard to stay dry and sand free.

The sun was fading fast, the tide was going out and I just wanted to get near the water.


So far, so good

October 4, 2013 Timber 4 Comments


Despite the hiccups we had early this week, the red head is doing awesome. He’s been off of the prednisone for nearly two weeks and he has amazing energy. His coat is feeling really nice and he’s back to the puppy we had.


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