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Hi from the Zoi boys

Some days just can’t possibly get any better.

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What’s that Timber?

Rhut-roh, rumor has Timber has a new secret and he’s not telling anyone! My oh my, whatever could it be?

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Tender tummy Timber

We had to be in Portland this morning to help out Megan. When we got home, Timber had been sick. Poor baby. He’s really feeling rotten tonight. We walk the dogs every night and over […]

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Wishing you a very Zoiful Howliday

With love from Timber and Zip and all of the greyhounds.

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Good morning Timber

Wishing you a most awesome day.

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Ear hairs

Zip was a show dog before he joined us hear at the gardens. He was neatly groomed and the wild and wooly hair around his ears was nonexistent. Timber was a pet, he’d always been […]

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I think we need a bigger settee

What on earth did the borzoi do during the Victorian era?

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Hey Zip and Timber

Happy 4th birthday boys!

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Reliving our vacation

We’ve been back one week and it feels like our vacation was an eternity ago. I caught myself humming this evening “I need a vacation.” I think it’s gonna be a long year. I finally […]

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Guess who’s going on the zoication

I have enough outtakes of our goofy dogs to get us through our zoication. Enjoy. I was looking through photos and came across some really great photos that just needed to be shared. We’re on […]

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