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Good morning Timber

December 11, 2014 Timber 1 Comment


Wishing you a most awesome day.

Ear hairs

November 15, 2014 Timber, Zip 3 Comments


Zip was a show dog before he joined us hear at the gardens. He was neatly groomed and the wild and wooly hair around his ears was nonexistent.


Timber was a pet, he’d always been a pet when he came to us.

I had to laugh at the two photos I took last Sunday.

Zip would be a Wallstreet broker, all prim and proper.

Timber is an entrepreneur hippy.

Both successful, both loved. They just have a different take on life.

I think we need a bigger settee

October 29, 2014 Timber 4 Comments


What on earth did the borzoi do during the Victorian era?

Hey Zip and Timber

October 22, 2014 Timber, Zip 4 Comments

Timber and Zip   

Happy 4th birthday boys!

Reliving our vacation

October 19, 2014 Timber, Zip 3 Comments

Timber and Zip   

We’ve been back one week and it feels like our vacation was an eternity ago. I caught myself humming this evening “I need a vacation.” I think it’s gonna be a long year.

I finally got around to uploading our photos. As a small momento I ordered this as a 30 x 40″ canvas to hang over the fireplace.

Country roads, take me back.

And yes, the reveal is coming… soon. There is still a surprise waiting for the gardens.

Guess who’s going on the zoication

October 4, 2014 Timber 1 Comment


I have enough outtakes of our goofy dogs to get us through our zoication. Enjoy.

I was looking through photos and came across some really great photos that just needed to be shared.

We’re on our Zoi Ride Down Hwy. 101 and I’m blogging ahead.

Some of our dogs gloat.

It’s really here

August 7, 2014 Timber 3 Comments


This guy seriously has doubts, but yes dear boy, we really do have a three-day weekend. Woo Hoo!!!!!

Escape from the heat

August 4, 2014 Timber, Zip 3 Comments

Timber and Zip at Cape Kiwanda   

Timber and Zip made their maiden voyage together to the beach yesterday.

The valley is beastly hot right now and at the coast it was a perfect 70°.

We have rented a house on the beach in southern Oregon at Gold Beach in October. We’re taking the boizois and it was good to know that not only do they travel very well together, they rocked the whole leash on the beach gig.

The evening walk

August 2, 2014 Timber, Zip 5 Comments

Timber and Zip   

This is what we look like on our evening walk.

Yes, we frequently turn heads.

The welcoming committee

July 12, 2014 Timber, Zip 3 Comments

Timber, Karen and Zip   

First the good news, Emma and Jori did fine during my week in Santa Fe. It’s extremely hot here and that is not doing Jori any favors. We’re taking it one day at a time.

My trip to Santa Fe was wonderful. The workshop was excellent, I learned so much and really enjoyed the entire week. I have posted a few photos on my other blog if you want to take a look.

My plane was delayed leaving Albuquerque. It didn’t stop the best welcoming committee from meeting me at the airport when I did finally get home though.

It was an awesome trip, it’s even better to be back home.

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