And into surgery we went

Brindle greyhound
Brindle greyhound

It became pretty clear Monday night that the antibiotics weren’t going to do the trick. Tuesday morning I held Sara’s breakfast, apologized over and over and took her to the vet clinic.

The mammary tumor had ruptured and it was quite clear that our only option was to get it out of there.

She did really well. They even pulled a tooth that had to go. She came home last night and slept through the night as if nothing had happened.

This morning she picked through her breakfast and tonight she ate like a champ.

For a little 13 year old lady she is doing remarkably well.

Oh Sara Bear

Brindle greyhound
Brindle greyhound

We had just gone out to take some photos of the greyhounds. Sara has always been my most difficult dog to photograph. She’s just not a fan. I had knelt down and noticed something was not right with her belly. I called Karen over to check it out. She had lump, about the size of a fist and hard.

Suddenly taking photos did not seem so important. I’m so glad my vet is open on Sundays. I loaded her in the car and off we went.

The vet thinks she may have a mammary gland infection. Since I always go to the worst case scenario first, an infection seemed like nothing. We were sent home with antibiotics and told to come back in a week for a re-check.

Today was my fifth visit to the vet in seven days. I’m tired of playing in their sandbox.

January’s calendar girl

Portrait of a greyhound
Portrait of a greyhound

Once again I got my calendar done just in the nick of time.

Sara has got to be the hardest greyhound I have ever photographed. She loves to be out in the yard with us, but the minute the camera is out, she is outta there.

Silly girl. She really is a little beauty. It’s hard to believe she turned 13 in November.

A memo to the critters

Resting up   

Dear possums, squirrels, birds and any other critter that wanders onto the acre,

Do you see that adorable brindle greyhound resting so peacefully? Her name is Sara. She’s 11 years old and yes, she looks quite sweet on the settee.

Let me tell you a little secret. She may be a senior, she may look sweet but this girl is a born hunter. If she sees you or smells you in her yard according to her hard-wiring, you are fair game. She’s brutal and shows no mercy. She’s currently resting up so that she’s ready for her next hunting adventure.

Those double six foot fences we have around the acre are there for two reasons. Mainly to keep her in and safe and mostly to keep the critters out where they are safe.

We have sent you memo after memo and you chose not to believe me. Please do. She doesn’t mess around.

‘Nuff said.

PS, Sorry little possum, I hope you escaped to safety.

The management.

Sara the mighty huntress


This is the face of a hunter, a mighty hunter.

Sara is almost 11 years old and yet she is the most efficient, active hunter in the gardens. Two weeks ago she brought down two birds. Convincing her to leave the second bird at the back door was perhaps the most challenging event of all.

Two nights ago, she cornered a possum. Fortunately, neither were hurt and the possum safely escaped to the other side of the fence.

Yes, beware of the look of the huntress.

You are not welcome

Sara – 11, Jillian – 13, Pete – 6   

Damn flipping nutria. Once again, it’s off to the vet clinic for antibiotics and maybe stitches.

Not a happy camper.

Sara’s update


Her stitches are out from the lump removal and she is doing so good.

We really hope we never see the likes of the lump again. Without a doubt, she has been the easiest dog ever to have surgery. She has been the perfect little trooper.

Healing quite nicely


Over the years we’ve had a ton of procedures done and many teeth pulled. Their recovery time varied from hours to days.

Sara on the other hand, did all of her healing in 10 minutes. Her recovery has been the fastest and the easiest of all.

When we picked her up the day of the surgery, she was really groggy, wouldn’t even lift her head… walking out of the clinic wasn’t an option so we used gurney to get her out to the car. All the way home she slept and when we drove in the driveway, she didn’t even lift her head.

Ever so carefully, Karen and I slipped a blanket under her and began carrying her into the house. We laid her down in the laundry room so that Karen could clear the way for us into the living room and that girl stayed fast asleep, never moving a muscle.

All of a sudden without warning she stood on her feet and walked up the ramp into the house. She never once gave us a lick of trouble.

You go girlfriend!

Sara’s results


Sara had some swelling where they removed the tumor last Friday so I took her in, turns out they just had to drain some of the fluid off of it.

We also got her results from the biopsy. “Low-grade, grade 1, soft tissue sarcoma, very narrow excision.”

So, just another bunch of days, weeks, months maybe even years of watching and waiting.

Hang in there Sara girl, you’ll be OK, we’ve got your back.

Post surgery update


Little Miss Sara came through her surgery just fine and is now resting comfortably at home.

The lump beneath her jaw was successfully removed although is was attached to muscle and on the other side of the muscle was her tongue, and they didn’t, really couldn’t cut into that muscle. We may not have gotten clean margins, but we really won’t know what we are even dealing with until the biopsy comes back on Wednesday.

We also did a dental at the same time and she had to have a couple of teeth pulled.

We are very glad to have her back home and doing so well tonight.