Always my Peter Pan


Pete ever so generously donated his blood today for another dog at our veterinary clinic. He is probably one of the best dogs ever.

He stood perfectly still while they pumped out 500 grams of blood. His tech did a perfect needle stick and they were done before we knew it.

Oh how I love my Petah Petah Pan.

You are not welcome

Sara – 11, Jillian – 13, Pete – 6   

Damn flipping nutria. Once again, it’s off to the vet clinic for antibiotics and maybe stitches.

Not a happy camper.

Peteh, Peteh, Peter Pan


We got a lot of rain this last week end. Lots. On Monday night we turned them out for the last run of the night. This is what Pete came in looking like.

I thought holy smokes dog, what were you doing out there?

He never admitted to anything.

In fact, he sat there and blatantly said “Nothin’ momma.”

Does that look like the face of an innocent greyhound? I think not.

Since he wasn’t telling me anything, I toweled him off, noticed a tear in his skin just in front of his ear and we went to bed.

As day light approached, I could see something in the yard that didn’t belong. All of the dogs went up to it and gave it the obligatory sniff and walked away.

I walked out to the middle of the acre and immediately knew what had happened. Pete was protecting his turf. Vermin be damned.


I got a whole lot more excited about the wound when I saw this.

Yes, stitches and antibiotics.

It’s the weekend happy dance


Some days I think the weekend is never going to get here. We all let out a big sigh of relief at 5 pm on Friday nights.

So many things to see and do, The real question is, how many things will actually get checked off of the list. Before we know it, Sunday night will be right back.

Where’s Pete?


We have a routine around here, well, kinda, sorta.

Everyday without fail, I go home at lunch to let the dogs out. Pete always goes out with the first group. Once they are outside, I run in and fix my lunch and then let them in. Everybody was standing at the door. Except Pete. I always panic first and think logically second.

It’s been too hot here lately and we have a baby pool near the door filled with fresh, cool water. I should have looked there first.

Instead I called out for him.

Arising from the pool, dripping wet, Pete came running. Of course, because I was letting then in, all of the doors were open and Pete made a mad dash in the house and upstairs to his favorite cushion.

And then I wonder why the house smells like a wet dog.

Best spot in the house


Without a doubt, the best spot in the house is under my desk. It’s right next to me, the cushion is nice and soft and on hot days like today, the air conditioning blows nice and cool.

Guess who’s happy tonight?


It’s true, my websites were hacked. I want to thank everyone who took the time to contact me and let me know that there was a problem.

At first I wasn’t worried, but then at the 48 hour mark I got very worried, I was afraid I would lose my blogs. Believe it or not, I started this one in 2008. That’s a lot of dog posts. It’s a lot of joy, tears, happiness, new dogs. It’s our story that always makes me happy.

We’re back! Yay!

Sunday morning I leave for Santa Fe for a photography workshop. I’ll try to keep you up-to-date, but I don’t exactly what’s ahead of me as far as Internet connections. If you don’t hear from me, don’t worry, I off exploring new turf. Karen will be keeping the home fires burning and letting dogs out and then letting them in and letting them out and bringing them back in. She’s got her work cut out for her.