Happy birthday rainbow kids

Every month, greyhound birthdays glitter the calender.

April has been a very sad month. Every birthday is being celebrated at the rainbow bridge without us.

Duncan was one of the those dogs, you know, a foster. A foster that celebrated his last five years with us because I failed fostering. He was a great dog. Beautiful and playful and oh so loving.

Today he would have celebrated his 12th birthday if the evil cancer had not taken him away from us last May.

Oh, Mr. Pasha. He was such a delight. His family moved to another state when he was 12.5 years old. He was pretty weak in the legs when they moved, but for the next 13 months he wandered around the acre, just sure that the girls were there for his benefit.

He was such a playboy.

His 15th birthday is April 26.

And then, there was Barbie. One afternoon we got a call from the local Humane Society. Her human had left her there to be euthanized.  Crime, a bite. She was such a sweetheart. They called us because we volunteer with greyhound adoption.

She pranced all the way out to the car wagging her tail. She was 10 years old when she came to the gardens and she was immediately the boss.

Her 15th birthday was April 16. Cancer got the best of her too.

But perhaps the most memorable, is Bentley. I met Karen because of he and Murphy. I had these two beautiful black hounds that needed a home together. Karen had an acre. Bentley was one of the most regal dogs. He was a true gentleman and he was my first experience with osteosarcoma.
His 14th birthday was April 7. He was far too young to leave us at 7 years old, but his hold on our hearts is still just as strong.
Our life is so much richer for all of the greyhounds that have crossed our threshold and for all of the wonderful people that we have met because of the greyhounds.
Yup, Itsa greyt day.i
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Good-bye Mr. Pasha

Our Mr. Pasha joined us 13 months ago, just before the winter storms hit. At 12 1/2 years, he was a most beautiful dog, so loving, so gentle. We had no idea how lucky we were to have him join us in the garden.

Mr. Pasha came in the house and quickly learned where to nestle, and more importantly how to snag a prime cushion before someone else got it.

In typical greyhound fashion, he accepted his new digs quickly and loved life in the garden.

Before long, he was telling all of the other greyhounds how it should be and how it was going to be.

More than anything, he loved roaming around on the acre. He took care of business right away and spent the rest of the time taking in all of the smells.

He got along with everyone, but he really love the girls. In fact, he lived for the girls.

I can still see him running along the fence with all of the other dogs. We’d hold our breath for fear he might get hurt, but he loved racing with them and life for a greyhound is all about quality.

His time with us was way to short and we will miss him more than he will ever know. He truly was one of the best dogs ever.

Pasha aka Valley Shylock • April 26, 1996 – December 20, 2009

How to take your dogs picture

Step 1: Invite your doggie in and ask them to have a seat.

Step 2: Have a candid conversation with your doggie about cooperation. Ask them if this is really the picture they would like in the Christmas card. Most of them are pretty vain and will look at the birdie at this point.

Step 3: Sometimes you have give the doggie a detailed description of how you would like them to cooperate. Explain to them that although this pose is beautiful, it probably is not Christmas card material.

Step 4: Praise doggie when they start to get the look you would like. Head up, ears up, eyes bright. These are all good things.

Step 5: Of course, once doggie starts to cooperate, it is really important that the nut behind the wheel knows what they are doing.

Step 6: Family portraits are always nice. But, people will wonder why the house is tipping to one end. See Step 5 about the nut behind the wheel.

Step 7: Have a cookie in your pocket for the cooperating dog and the nut behind the wheel when they both get right.

And only the bravest of the brave – part 3

Brace yourself and keep your distance.

Sneak up from behind, it’s always the safest place to be.

Be ready to attack back.

Slowly walk around, never take your eyes away.

Sticking your tongue out at it is always effective.

Closing your eyes and pretending it isn’t there is even better.

And if you are brave, look it straight in the eye.

Never let ’em see your fear.

But if you must, run to the momma for protection. Knocking her on her butt will certainly keep you safe.

but just remember, it is all about trick or treat. TRICK!

The end.

Outrage. Mutiny. Revolution.

I made a mistake. I’m sorry, really truly I am.

Yesterday I proclaimed it to be beautiful brindle day. Today, when the doggies anxiously ran to the computer to read the blog, SOME of them were furious. They demanded that I include some white in the proclamation.

Although the brindle in his face is turning more white, Adam lead the early morning rebellion.

He wanted to make sure that I included his white tipped on brindle ear. A unique feature that only a white a brindle hound could sport.

Crystal, so frustrated over the entire situation could hardly look me in the eyes.

Laying her head down in disappointment, she showed off her “My Little Pony” mohawk.

Flo shuttered in disbelief.

Posing for the camera only in support of the revolution, she stuck her tongue out at me and gave me the look. Flo probably has the best “looks.”

And Mr. Pasha, the sensible one, sat down across the table from me ready to negotiate.

All ears, Pasha listened as I apologized, begging for forgiveness and promising never to make the mistake again.

I have re-proclamated October 8 as beautiful brindle, white and brindle day.

The old man is feeling his oats

Since the first day Pasha came to live with us, he has liked the girls. He has even selected two or three for his personal harem.

One morning last week he was particularly excited when one of his girls came out with him.

Always ready to play, Pasha invited Jori to “bring it on.”

He’s unsteady on his feet, but that doesn’t seem to stop him.

Pasha is a total flirt and Jori is a bit of a tease.

But Pasha played to her for all he was worth.

After the flirting dance, they both squared off…

had a brief staredown,

And the flirty dance was on again.

Jori played hard to get, Pasha played coy.

In the end Jori turned her head and walked away, leaving Pasha alone at the alter.

But a handsome studmuffin like Pasha always has a back-up plan.

Sheesh, Boys will be Boys

What is it with boys? I had two daughters and zero sons, so I don’t know first hand if human boys behave like dog boys… but I have heard stories and I suspect that they do.

Yes Pasha, Minnie is a very cute little girl.

Joey, Talley is going to turn around and clean your clock. I won’t see a thing when she does.

Out of the archives, two of my favorite fosters, Otis and Barney.

Do I look like I want my picture taken?

There you go with camera once again mom. No, I don’t want my picture taken… again.

I know you are there, don’t pretend like you are taking pictures of the dry August grass.

There, I zerbert you! Now please put the camera away.

Make a best friend better

Just a little endorsement from the garden hounds.

Greyhounds are famous for their not so great teeth.

Could be genetics…

Could be those long skinny noses.

But a big ol’ knuckle bone, a Merrick Saddle Sergeant bone

is sure to brighten and whiten and make a happy dog.

Greyhound security patrol

Sound the bark alarms, the neighbors are doing something in their backyard!
Quick, someone… we must do something. The neighbors are in their backyard.
Hold on Minnie, I’m coming to help you out.
They’re moving, they’re going this way. Hurry Pasha, hurry. Talley, don’t let them move.
I’m here for you Minnie. You’ll be safe soon.

Perimeter is safe now.
Oh Pasha, I feel so much safer now.