Oregon by Greyhound • Upper Butte Creek Falls

The Adventure Upper Butte Creek Falls

Location LAT 44.92389 N LON 122.51222 W
Date November 14, 2009
Weather 32°, Sunny

Distance 33 miles

Let me tell you about my mothers. I’m thinkin’ I might just trade them in.

Sure I look forward to my adventures, but I like my weather a tiche warmer. Just because it is warmer where we live, it’s different in the mountains. I think the snow on the ground was our first clue.

Wasn’t so bad once we got down to the trailhead, no snow… but when the almost outta gas light went on? Visions of hiking 15 miles to civilization made me really nervous. Checked the iPhone, nope, no service. People around us? Nope. Did I have winter wear, you know boots, hats, mittens? Nope.

So maybe this waterfall was beautiful to them, I was worried about getting my skinny butt back to the warmth of my cushion. We made it to the gas station, the moms got lucky, but they had better be a little more aware of that gas guage for the next adventure!

What can I say? Just another beautiful day in Oregon.

Oregon by Greyhound • Roxy goes to the beach

The Adventure Fogarty Creek State Park

Location LAT 44° 50′ 18″ N LON 124° 02′ 55″ W
Date October 24, 2009
Weather 59°, Sunny

Distance 71.7 miles

Look Roxy, there’s the beach.

And no wind, rain or fog. Look at how still Fogarty Creek is.

Usually the wind is blowing so hard, the trees look like this.

Let’s head down by the waves, we’ll go beach combing.

Keep your eyes peeled for sea shells Roxy girl.

Yeppers, that’s a sea shell.

You know the story… She sells sea shells by the sea shore.

Keep looking, maybe you’ll see something out in the ocean.

Just another sea shell.

Yes Roxy, those waves are crashing hard, but we’ll keep you safe.

And besides, they are so beautiful.

Oregon by Greyhound • Back to the pumpkin patch

The Adventure
Woods Pumpkin Patch

Location LAT 45° 00′ 44″ N LON 122° 56′ 13″ W
Date October 18, 2009
Weather 65°, Cloudy

Distance 5.2 miles

Roxy was sure that Moose did not look in all of the right places since he came home reporting that there was no Great Pumpkin.

And so, she insisted that we go right back out there and take her with us.

Of course, the first order of business was to stop and smell the daisies.

Roxy looked

and looked. But just as Moose has reported,

There weren’t any sightings of the Great Pumpkin.

But it was beautiful out there.

Oregon by Greyhound • Woods Pumpkin Patch

The Adventure Woods Pumpkin Patch
Location LAT 45° 00′ 44″ N LON 122° 56′ 13″ W
Date October 18, 2009
Weather 65°, Cloudy
Distance 5.2 miles

Looking left and right, Moose was so excited to go to the pumpkin patch.

He was great with the kids, I wish I could post a few pictures, but I wasn’t quick enough on the draw to ask the parents for permission. Trust me, Moose entertained a lot of little boys and girls.

Moose checked out many pumpkins.

He never found the Great Pumpkin, though.

Totally enchanted, Moose exited the pumpkin patch by way of the corn maze, getting lost in the tall stalks of corn.

Oregon by Greyhound • Upper North Falls

The Adventure Silver Falls State Park
Location LAT 44.920648 N LON -122.6209
Date October 17, 2009
Weather 60°, Raining
Distance 23.3 miles

The promise of torrential rain didn’t stop us when the clouds parted for a short while. We were bound and determined to catch some fall color.
Buddy and Karen hit the trail.
All along the creek, the leaves showed great promise of color. And the clouds were looking more ominous.
The first peek at the falls was stunning.
One of the biggest reasons we took Buddy was to get his picture in front of the falls.
Smile for the camera Buddy. So he looked left.
Hey Bud, smile for the camera. And he looked down.
Knowing that third time is always a charm, when it was time to smile for the camera, Buddy looked right.
Before the clouds opened up I enjoyed the falls one more time.
Looked downstream at the fall color.
And followed Bud and my bride back to the car in the pouring down rain.

Oregon by Greyhound • Roaring Fork River

The Adventure Larwood Covered Bridge
Location LAT 44° 39′ 49.1″ N LON 122° 44′ 26.8″ W
Date October 10, 2009
Weather 64°, Sunny
Distance 25.3 miles

I’m off on an adventure and I’m taking my pink snuggle bunny with me.

Yes siree, real manly greyhounds carry pink bunnies.

First stop, the Larwood bridge. This just happens to be a footbridge over the Roaring Fork River.

The mill house next to the bridge.

The Larwood bridge. We were hoping to see some fall color, but I think we were too early.

This is me and the other mother having a bonding moment.

And now we are walking down a path at the Roaring Fork County Park.

I think we will pass on having lunch here.

The Roaring Fork River, there is some fall color starting to show.

A few colorful berries.

And some fall flowers on the creek bank.

Oregon by Greyhound • Return to Sahalie Falls

The Adventure Sahalie Falls

Location LAT 44° 34896 N LON 121.99686 W
Date September 7, 2009
Weather 70°, Sunny
Distance 105 miles

Crystal was ready to go and when she found out she was heading up to Clear Lake, she put on her fall finery.

The headwaters for the McKenzie River begin at Clear Lake.

It’s famous for the clear water making it possible to see to the bottom of the lake.

Early in September, the leaves were beginning to change.

Sahalie Falls

Koosah Falls

Just below Sahalie Falls.

The light at the end of the tunnel.

McKenzie River

Oregon by Greyhound • Three Pools

The Adventure Three Pools

Location LAT 44° 50′ 22″ N LON 122° 18′ 41″ W
Date September 4, 2009
Weather 81°, Sunny
Distance 43.1 miles

Minnie patiently waited for her next adventure and when it didn’t come soon enough she demanded an adventure. She began barking, dancing and stomping her feet until we had no choice but to take that girl for a ride.

And so, on a wonderful September day we were off to Three Pools in the Opal Creek Wilderness.

The water is an incredible emerald green and above where we stood we could see where the made it’s way through narrow canyons and around a series of boulders.

A trail continued upstream and Minnie scampered up the stairs to go further down the trail.

The river continued to weave through the rock canyons.

A lone madrona tree rested above the river.

One more example of the crystal clear, emerald green water.

I had climbed down the water edge and when I looked up, Minnie was watching my every move.

Oregon by Greyhound • Night Glow

The Adventure Wah Chang Balloon Festival, Albany, Oregon

Location LAT 44° 57′ 18″ N LON 122° 58′ 38″ W
Date August 28, 2009
Weather 55°, Mostly sunny

Distance 24.6 miles

An evening tradition, a few balloons line-up for a light-up at dusk.

Oregon by Greyhound • Wah Chang Balloon Festival

The Adventure Wah Chang Balloon Festival, Albany, Oregon

Location LAT 44° 57′ 18″ N LON 122° 58′ 38″ W
Date August 28, 2009
Weather 55°, Mostly sunny

Distance 24.6 miles

42 balloonists attended the 10th annual Wah Chang Balloon Festival. The first ballon lifted off the ground at 6:45 am.

As soon as it was up in the air, the other ballonist quickly prepared their rigs for lift-off. I was much relieved to know that everyone one be dressed. :o)))

The balloons where tethered to people as they filled with air.

One by one they were filled and in the air.

What surprised me the most was how quickly they got so small.