Pouty Monday


Oh woe are we.

I had two weeks off over the holidays. They were decadent. The hounds and I hung out in the house day in and day out. There is nothing better than being surrounded by snoring and in some cases farting dogs on a cushion.

Then Monday, oh so evil Monday happened and I had to go back to work.

We’re all pouting.

Ah, do we have to?


When Karen is working out of town, I have charge nurse duty. I have a whole new respect for vet techs and Karen.

It seems to take forever to finish passing meds. Three times a day Flo is subjected to a pill cocktail that would impress anyone. She gets these pills that are huge and are supposed to be chewable. She doesn’t like them and there isn’t a human comparable. We have tried a menagerie of goodies to get her to eat them on her own. So far we haven’t had any success. However, we bought some tiramisu for desert the other night and she loves the frosting, so I’ve been tucking the small pills down in the frosting. Eureka!

Timber is still taking very small doses of prednisone in the morning. We’re really lucky that he will still take his pills in a small raw hamburger ball.

Flocko takes phenobarb twice a day, he gladly takes his in kibble.

And then, there Minnie. Twice a day she gets this ribbon of eye goo for her pannus. I have to pay her in treats. It’s not her favorite time of day.

Permanent charge nurse is not in my future.

So many things


Our little monkey is doing really well. She tolerates her eye drops like and a champ and although we still see some evidence of the pannus, we really hope we have it under control.

Flo is doing really well. Her heartbeat is still irregular and fast, but she’s happy and barky and eating well.

Sara gave us a bit of a scare today when she had a hard time walking on her left side. We made our way to the clinic and there wasn’t anything remarkable, her xrays looked good and tonight we are keeping a close eye on her.

Yesterday marked two weeks from the day we lost Crystal. My heart still aches for her, I miss her so much.

We have so many things to be grateful for and yet… I long for one more day, just one.

It seems like yesterday

Minnie as a puppy with one of her littermates   

We met Minnie when she was a three month old puppy. I promised her that very day she would come home to the gardens.

Today we are celebrating her 11th birthday. Wow, how did time go by so quickly?

Happy birthday to my favorite little monkey.

Walking the paranoia line


We have earned the right to be paranoid. Really, we have. In one year’s time we have lost dogs to osteosarcoma, old age, DIC, pneumonia and old age. We’ve had two soft tissue sarcomas, cluster seizures, pannus and now cardiac disease run through the household, and yes that too has been in the last year.

I lovingly joke that our vet clinic is actually our vacation home.

So, I watch the dogs like a hawk. Are their eyes clear, are they breathing funny, what’s that lump, why didn’t you eat? I question everything and then I wonder if we can still play by the 24 hour rule… wait and see if it goes away.

Friday night, Minnie was just off. There was not one thing I could pin point, she just wasn’t her usual self. Panic stricken, I worried all night long and what was I going to say to the vet when I saw her?

“Minnie is just off. She’s eating normally, she’s doing what she always does, but she is just off. Fix her doctor.”

When I got up Saturday morning,  suddenly remembered back when the pannus was diagnosed that they discovered a bladder infection with her urine tests. It occurred to me that perhaps if could have reoccurred. So there I was, first thing following her around with a ziplock baggie to collect a specimen and run it in for testing before I took her over without anything concrete.

Sure enough, there were little bacteria buddies swimming in her urine.

So, I guess the moral of the story is that I just need to trust my instincts. After 12 hours on antibiotics, Minnie is back to her old self.

Great check-up


I almost forgot, Minnie had a check-up with the ophthalmologist in Portland before I left for Santa Fe. Her eyes are responding well to ointment we are putting in them (well nurse Karen is administering) twice a day.

If she continues to do so well, we might be able to drop back to only once a day. We are doing the happy dance.

Dentals, done and done


OK, the girls really are skipping for joy tonight, they are peacefully sleeping the activities of the day off.

They came through their dentals just fine.


And boy oh boy are they ever glad to have the dentals behind them.

Me too.