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And that’s a wrap

That’s it, my daughter is married and she was a beautiful bride. I never, ever expected to for me to be so stinkin’ emotional. It’s probably a good thing I took my camera because otherwise, […]

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It’s official

Yup, they put a ring on it. Date almost determined. I have to say, I have got to be the luckiest mom alive because I have the two very best son-in-laws around. They make smile, […]

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Best Christmas ever

Once again, my youngest daughter and her husband Joe opened up there home for Christmas dinner for all to gather. Who would have ever guessed that I created a child that could cook and run […]

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The Eugene Marathon was today and both Holly and Megan ran the half-marathon. This was Holly’s first big race and although Megan had planned to run the whole marathon, she sailed through on an injury. […]

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Another greyt day

Our youngest daughter Holly and her fiancĂ© had Christmas dinner at their house. It was wonderful, we had a blast. The ceremonial opening of the gifts. Holly is shooting her red garter off into space???? […]

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From the twinkling lights of Las Vegas

From my room at the Mandalay Bay this is what I saw, just a small portion of twinkling lights in Las Vegas. I left Las Vegas just in time to see the twinkling diamond on […]

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Brunch with the skinkids

After getting lost twice getting to Holly’s house and almost getting lost going to Megan’s, Karen, Holly and I arrived safely at her new digs 15 minutes late for our summer solstice brunch. Megan has […]

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The second annual…

Celebration of the Winter Solstice in JanuaryThe weather was slightly less than cooperative on the longest day this year. And it does seem to be a rather busy time of year, so we celebrated with […]

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