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And that’s a wrap

January 19, 2014 Holly, Megan 4 Comments

Megan and Ryan   

That’s it, my daughter is married and she was a beautiful bride. I never, ever expected to for me to be so stinkin’ emotional. It’s probably a good thing I took my camera because otherwise, I would have been a basket case.

I’m thrilled to have Ryan as part of our family.

Holly and Joe   

I must be the luckiest mom in the world. I have Holly and Joe (my first off-the-scales incredible son-in-law) and Megan and Ryan.

There are few more photos on my photoblog here.

It’s official

February 2, 2013 Megan 3 Comments

Megan and Ryan

Yup, they put a ring on it. Date almost determined.

I have to say, I have got to be the luckiest mom alive because I have the two very best son-in-laws around. They make smile, they make laugh, they take incredibly good care of my two daughters.

I’ve already served notice to both girls, if it doesn’t work, I’m keeping the guys.

Welcome to the family Ryan, we’re thrilled to have you.

But wait, there’s more!


Instant grandma… just add water. She’s one really cute kid:)

Best Christmas ever

December 26, 2012 Holly, Megan 6 Comments

Holly, Emma Autzen and Joe

Once again, my youngest daughter and her husband Joe opened up there home for Christmas dinner for all to gather.

Holly and Emma

Who would have ever guessed that I created a child that could cook and run marathons. It was a given that she would love dogs.

Emma, Holly and Megan

When I was pregnant everyone knew I wanted girls. In fact, I remember telling my OB that if he didn’t deliver girls, I would trade in the nursery until I got girls.

Joe and Ryan

What I never expected was that later in life, each daughter would bring such wonderful young men into my life. I love these guys, they are everything a mom could ever want.

Megan and Ryan

Ryan is our newest family member. OK, I admit it, I struggling to accept the fact that he plays football. But, I can live with it. :)

Holly, Joe, Ryan and Megan

I did raise the girls right, they have already taught the guys who the boss is. Phew!

Karen, Lynn and Mary

Of course, the extended family is as much fun as the kids. Karen, chief assistant, dog walker and Timber-loaf cooker. Lynn, my ex-husbands significant other. Mary, Joe’s mom. These three were great. The combination of everyone gave the holiday laughter and fun.

Holly and Megan

Ladies, you bring so much joy into my life. Thank you.

I can honestly say you were worth the stretch marks.


May 3, 2010 Holly, Megan 1 Comment

The Eugene Marathon was today and both Holly and Megan ran the half-marathon.

This was Holly’s first big race and although Megan had planned to run the whole marathon, she sailed through on an injury.

Great legs even after the race. The third pair of legs belong to a friend, Megan.

Holly must have been looking for me, she spotted the camera and I right away.

Holly and friend Megan.

Quite tickled with her finish… as she should be.

And then along came Megan. She wasn’t looking for me.

Then she noticed her mamas cheering her on.

And what else would Megan do after the race? Look at the entry for the next race.

Megan and Holly

Holly, Megan and Megan

Another greyt day

December 26, 2009 Autzen, Emma, Holly, Megan Leave a comment

Our youngest daughter Holly and her fiancé had Christmas dinner at their house. It was wonderful, we had a blast.

The ceremonial opening of the gifts. Holly is shooting her red garter off into space????

Megan demonstrating the obvious with her Route 66 shot glass.

Autzen wondering what happened to all of her usual presents.

Just your typical really good dogs. Emma loved her time with her cousin Autz.

Joey shocked me by demonstrating his carving skills.

Megan and Holly

Holly and Autzen. Don’t know how exactly how I captured this shot.

Megan and the attack of the doggies.

Joey’s mom Mary and his sister Amanda.

Many, many thanks Joey and Holly for a wonderful day. Loved the card, it was perfect. The Coke is right at home. But next time, please scratch off the lottery tickets until you get a big winner. We’ll take that one. :o)))))

Love ya much, the moms.

From the twinkling lights of Las Vegas

October 5, 2009 Holly, Las Vegas, Megan, Portland Marathon Leave a comment

From my room at the Mandalay Bay this is what I saw, just a small portion of twinkling lights in Las Vegas.

I left Las Vegas just in time to see the twinkling diamond on Holly’s finger. Yeppers, the kid has a date. She and Joe will be married on May 5, 2011. So exciting.

Flying into Portland, I witnessed more than 9,000 runners flying around.

Yes, we were amongst the 70,000 plus spectators for the 39th Annual Portland Marathon.

It was quite the proud moment when Megan rounded the corner at 1st and Salmon with less than a mile to go to the finish.

Clocking in at 4 hours, 50 minutes and 51 seconds,

Megan finished her first marathon.

Of course how could she possibly go wrong with the best fan club, ever.

A victory kiss is high priority.

Stats say every runner has 4 people there to watch them, Megan had 12.

And it wouldn’t be Portland if you didn’t have a rose and a cup of coffee at the end of the race.

Hey kidlet…

The fat lady sang and we are ever so proud of you.

Ready for next year?

Brunch with the skinkids

June 22, 2009 Holly, Megan, Summer Solstice Leave a comment

After getting lost twice getting to Holly’s house and almost getting lost going to Megan’s, Karen, Holly and I arrived safely at her new digs 15 minutes late for our summer solstice brunch.
Megan has a great new apartment in SE Portland.
Ready to try a new restaurant in Megan’s new hood, we set off on a quick walking tour of a very cute neighborhood.
Not having connected the dots, I never even thought about Sunday being Father’s Day. Who woulda thunk that 45 minutes after The Screen Door opened their doors that there would be a 2 hour wait for breakfast.
In the immortal words of GiGi and Holly…

We opted to come back to The Screen Door either earlier or on a less busy day and set off for Whole Foods and fix our own brunch at Megan’s new digs.
Or rather, Karen could fix brunch.
Ah yes, French toast and bacon, a great way to start the week.

The second annual…

January 4, 2009 Autzen, Caleb, Holly, Megan, Sadie, Winter Solstice Leave a comment

Celebration of the Winter Solstice in January

The weather was slightly less than cooperative on the longest day this year.

And it does seem to be a rather busy time of year, so we celebrated with the girls in January.

On foot, we traverse the streets in search of three restaurants, one for appetizers, one for the main course and what would a progressive lunch be without dessert.

Megan is the urban kid. She lives in a charming one bedroom victorian apartment downtown.

Holly lives in the burbs in a cute little house buried in a maze of suburban streets.

Of course, what is a celebration without gifts.

Holly only wanted a pink Dyson vacuum, who would think that one would actually appear in the month of October?

Autzen the grand labby was easy to please with toys.

Megan was all about cash

the grand iggies were more than happy to collect a cache of stuffies.

The unwrapping done, we gathered together

and hit the pavement.

Muu-Muu’s was our first stop for the appetizer.

It received a thumbs up from all of us. The seared tuna with wasabi sauce was to die for.

We walked an extra block or two in search of the main course. Holly, her Blackberry and Google saved the day when they pointed us in the right direction

to Mio Sushi.

Hark! Do I see a sushi roll and chop sticks in Megan’s hand?

Holly is still into the perfect vegetarian noodle.

Rave reviews for the best dessert in town lead us to Papa Haydn’s.

Who woulda thunk a dessert menu could have so many wonderful choices.

Thanks girls, it was a really greyt day!

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