Painting the town red

Inaugeral Red Hat Society - 2005

In 2005 I decided that the ladies of the gardens needed to form their own Red Hat Society. The ladies over 10 wore red and the girls under 10 wore pink. All of the girls got their hats in Photoshop

Phoebe will forever be the Grande Dame.

Red hot Houndies - 2007

By 2007, the ladies became much more organized and internet savvy. They discovered Bow Wow Bonnets and each lady ordered at hat made especially for her.

They officially named their charter the Red Hot Houndies.

Fast forward to 2011. We live with party animals, what can I say. The girls ordered a few new bonnets and are ready to show them off.

Roxy, currently the queen
Jillian, the party girl
Flo, the fun police

Isn’t it time your girls joined a Red Hat Society?

Party time at the Pet Blog Hop!

It’s time for the Saturday Pet Blog Hop!

Please join us, it’s simple.

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Tip toe into the New Year

Thank you so much to everyone who dropped by the blog yesterday.

A couple of you mentioned the tulip fields and it brought back so many colorful memories.

There is a tulip farm about 20 miles from where we live.

Every spring they have a huge celebration and we always take a couple of greyhounds.

This is Maddie, she was 13 when we took her out, sadly, this was one of her last field trips. I always thought she was pretty in pink.

I’m sure you recognize my stud muffin Flocko. Since there wasn’t a ball involved, he was not impressed.

This year, the twins had just arrived and this was their maiden field trip. They were so good.

Around the end of February I’ll start stalking the Woodenshoe website to see when the tulips will be in full color.

You’ll just have to check back then to see who gets to tip toe through the tulips this year.

Madeline Sweet Girl of Mine

Oh Maddie girl. I remember the day I brought you home so vividly. You were supposed to stay as a guest, but that rabbit soft fur of yours kept telling us you were home. Do you think Jeff really knew what he was doing when he handed me your leash?
After a few short weeks we signed your adoption papers and you too, knew you were home.
Of course, even as a 7 year old, a senior to some you kept us on our toes. Nobody could shred a roll of toilet paper faster than you. You had a whole caper dedicated just to you.
Of course, who could suspect our sweet and innocent Madeline.
You had your moments of being a total nutcase, sometimes you just felt like a nut.
And you seemed especially attached to Gracie. You two started off as best buds right away.
The backyard was your haven. You spent hours out there maintaining an alert level, just to keep everyone safe.
You definitely had a sense of princess entitlement. The softest bed was yours and yours alone.
And you adored your mommas, just as much as we loved you.
You had the perfect mixture of gentleness, kindness…
and that wild and crazy side was with you until the very end.
A stroll in the park was always welcome, and you were so happy to go for a ride in the car.
And if a ride wasn’t possible, then a shady patch of grass was the next best thing. You had the best sphinx ever.
As an esteemed member of the Red Hot Houndies, you wore your red and purple very well,
But you were even prettier in pink!
Ah but Maddie, I will miss all of those things about you, but you know what I will miss most?
I will miss you laying next to me at my desk. You always picked out the cushion that was closest to me.
I really miss you at my side honey girl.
But I know in my heart of hearts that you are already back in garden, front and center, just like you liked with your head held high. 
Loveletter aka Maddie • January 31, 1996–July 9, 2009

Flight of the greyhound

Years ago, after we sent Gracie to the bridge, a yellow swallowtail butterfly appeared in our yard the following summer. I was certain that Gracie had returned to the gardens.

Just last week I saw a pair of butterflies chasing around the white flower bush thingy that grows so well. Gracie had brought Cleo home with her this year.

Thursday we sent Maddie to the bridge. I was running the dogs on Friday noon, and to my delight, I saw three butterflies chasing around the bush.

I know this one is Maddie. Maddie had the softest coat of any greyhound, ever. Check out the fur around the body of this butterfly.

Maddie Dahling

Momma, what’s for dinner?

How about some kibble?

Momma, kibble is for dogs, I don’t like kibble.

Would you like some tripe?

Eew, ick mommy. Do I look like I would eat tripe?

But Maddie, you liked it a few weeks ago. How about your favorite, home cooked schoppola?

No, momma, schoppola was yesterdays news. I don’t want that either.

Maddie! You loved my home cooked schoppola. Can I boil just some chicken? Would you like that?

Ummmmmmm, no thank you.

Maddie dahling, we’re running out of options. What would you like for dinner?

There ain’t anything good to eat in this house. I’ll just not eat, thank you very much.

Wait momma, there is something I’d like to eat.

What is it Maddie? You name it, we’ll fix it.

This mommy, this is what I want.

Sirloin steak Maddie, are you sure?

Yeppers! Rare, bleeding on the plate please. Warmed just enough to take the chill off.

That was perfect. Thanks mom. You really should take me shopping more often to pick out my food.

May’s poster kids

May is adopt a senior greyhounds month.

Maddie and Buddy demonstrate the beauty of senior greyhounds as they stroll down the sidewalk together on the capitol mall.

Senior greyhound, the best kept secret.

Greyhound security patrol

Sound the bark alarms, the neighbors are doing something in their backyard!
Quick, someone… we must do something. The neighbors are in their backyard.
Hold on Minnie, I’m coming to help you out.
They’re moving, they’re going this way. Hurry Pasha, hurry. Talley, don’t let them move.
I’m here for you Minnie. You’ll be safe soon.

Perimeter is safe now.
Oh Pasha, I feel so much safer now.