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From the twinkling lights of Las Vegas

October 5, 2009 Holly, Las Vegas, Megan, Portland Marathon Leave a comment

From my room at the Mandalay Bay this is what I saw, just a small portion of twinkling lights in Las Vegas.

I left Las Vegas just in time to see the twinkling diamond on Holly’s finger. Yeppers, the kid has a date. She and Joe will be married on May 5, 2011. So exciting.

Flying into Portland, I witnessed more than 9,000 runners flying around.

Yes, we were amongst the 70,000 plus spectators for the 39th Annual Portland Marathon.

It was quite the proud moment when Megan rounded the corner at 1st and Salmon with less than a mile to go to the finish.

Clocking in at 4 hours, 50 minutes and 51 seconds,

Megan finished her first marathon.

Of course how could she possibly go wrong with the best fan club, ever.

A victory kiss is high priority.

Stats say every runner has 4 people there to watch them, Megan had 12.

And it wouldn’t be Portland if you didn’t have a rose and a cup of coffee at the end of the race.

Hey kidlet…

The fat lady sang and we are ever so proud of you.

Ready for next year?

Vegas night and day

October 3, 2009 Las Vegas Leave a comment

Good morning doggies, here’s a few more pictures of Las Vegas. Looking very much forward to coming home tonight.

This is looking at the sunrise from my hotel room on the 33rd floor at the Mandalay Bay.
Everything looks so different in the daylight. Not nearly as glittery, but just as grand.
All of the pets are still larger than life.
The skies are beautiful.
Not many people are out in the mornings. I met up with a few joggers.
Remember the brightly lit castle?
And the sphinx at the pyramid?
And before I know it, the days are over and the twinkling nights begin.
Elvis was back on the streets greeting people.
From Planet Hollywood to Paris.
The Parisian hotel.
The street entertainment is always fun.
Motorcycle riders started to fill the streets, crashing through buildings.
Even their bikes are lit up for the occasion.
This guy was kind enough to let me take his picture.
But I think I loved this sign most of all.

The lights are coming on

October 1, 2009 Las Vegas Leave a comment

Good morning doggies. As promised, I’m sending you pictures from Vegas.

My first stroll down the strip. There are millions of people here and tons of construction.
Just a few shots of the strip.

Just look to the bright light in the sky, I’m in the hotel right next door.
I seem to surrounded by pyramids and…
I’ve already had an Elvis sighting.
The kitties are larger than life, I don’t think you would want to mess with these guys.

Even McDonalds twinkles here.

Okie dokie doggies, I miss you and your momma very much, but I have to get some work done and it is off to class.

Love, your momma T

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