A sweet Joey story

Joey   circa 2004

Last night I posted about Joey on the Facebook group page for the greyhound group where we adopted Joey.

When we got Joey, we were told that his trainer brought him from Florida so that he would have a chance at adoption because Oregon was a no-kill state. Every greyhound that was born here or raced here went into an adoption program. We never knew much more than that.

Today I got a message on Facebook asking if his race name was Way to go Joe. I immediately responded saying yes.

She wrote this back to me

I had gotten him in my kennel at Sarasota when i was 18 years old. He was one of 3 that came in together as littermates. He and one of his sisters were so spooky that i couldn’t touch them. The season was ending and i hadn’t made any progress with them, and they were so scared they’d urinate on themselves when handled. I decided to bring them to oregon and figured that even if they dont make it as racers, at least the adoption programs there were willing to try to adopt these types of dogs.

Neither ever made it on the track, but his sister little ellie was friendly enough that i knew she’d be fine as a pet. Joe on the otherhand, tolerated me at best, but was still terrified of every other person he came in contact with. I’ve thought about him every so often for the last 10 years or so and always wondered where he ended up. To this day he is the only spook that i was never able to break. I’m really glad i saw your post, and glad to know that he ended up in a good place.

It made my day to know that thanks to a trainer that cared, Joey came to Oregon and spent almost all of his life with us.

Celebrating Joey


Joey came to us on February 29, 2004. Bentley had just be diagnosed with osteosarcoma and we put the word out that we wanted a special needs dog.

Joey was labeled as a spook dog. He was terrified of everything including he own shadow. His trainer in Florida loved him so much, that she put him on a hauler and sent him to Oregon, to a state where she knew he would have a chance at adoption.

Joey loved the gardens. He quickly learned to play like the other greyhounds.

He relaxed in the sun.

And he loved running with his friends.

He was on of the most beautiful dogs I had ever seen. In the beginning, he was jet black. His eyes were chocolate brown and he always had this innocent puppy look about him.

Talley, Edie, Joey and Buddy   

He loved just hanging with his friends on the acre. It took him nearly five years before he ever trusted us enough to let us scritch his ears, but he was so happy amongst his friends and we were willing to let him take all the time he needed.

In December he was diagnosed with a progressive sarcoma on his ribs. We spent the last seven weeks giving him his favorite treats, giving all of the ear scritches he wanted and lots of time on the acre to enjoy his favorite turf.

Tonight we said good bye. He was growing so tired and he told us it was time.


We will mis you forever sweet boy. It was such an honor to watch you grow from a shy, scared boy to a confident older dog. You were the best of the best.

Joey aka Way To Go Joe—May 9, 2001 to February 9, 2015

Still one day a time


Every day we watch his tumor grow, it’s located on the rib right behind his front leg. To date he hasn’t appeared in too much pain. His gate hasn’t been affected, but as the tumor grows, we worry that it will affect the mobility on that front leg.

So, we watch him and take it one day at a time.

It’s been a challenging week


Last summer when Flo’s cardiac condition was diagnosed, her cardiologist gave us four months to a year. On Sunday Flo’s respirations increased and her breathing was a little more labored. I knew a visit to the vet was first in line for Monday morning.

Her heart has gotten a little bigger than the last x ray and she fluid on her lungs. The vet increased her lasix and she seems to be a little more comfortable.


While I was giving the dogs their morning run, I noticed that Joey was limping. A limp nearly always sends me into hysterics. They are rarely just a limp in our world. Joey will be 14 in May. Because he has always been so afraid of everything in his world, taking him to the vet is not an easy thing to do, in fact, to do anything with him involves some sedation. When I noticed a large lump behind his shoulder on his rib, I knew I had no choice but to take him a long with Flo.

The vet did x rays and a needle aspirate. We are still waiting for the biopsy results, but it’s about 95% conclusive we are looking at cancer. Because it is on the ribs, and Joey is so hard to do anything medical with and because he is nearly 14, we will do everything we can to keep him comfortable.


Just under Sara’s chin toward the back of her jaw is a hard, marble-sized lump. So yes, after taking Flo and Joey yesterday, it was back to the vet today with Sara. The vet did a needle aspirate and said that it wasn’t an infection, it is something we are going to have to surgically remove and we will send it in for a biopsy at that time.

Poor little Sara is scheduled for surgery January 2 unless it looks like it is getting bigger, in which case I will get her in sooner.

Poor babies.

Always a puppy


It is so hard for me to believe than Joey is almost our most senior hound of the garden. Only Jori is older now. At one time, he was one of the youngsters, one of seven black greyhounds and now he’s the only black greyhound in the garden.

His face and body used to be jet black, his coat was a shiny as a mirror.

All I can say is enjoy your puppy years Joey.

Happy birthday Joey


Wow, where has the time gone. Seems like it was just a year or two ago that we brought home this 2.5 year old extremely shy boy and now he is 13 and not so shy any more.

Happy birthday kid.

PS, just in case you are wondering, Timber’s package is heading north to Mississippi.

No, no, no


It was just past midnight. We’d been up since 4 am. Time for the puppies to take their last pee break of the day.

Karen reached down to scratch Joey’s ears. And. The. Puffy. Ear. Came. Back. Insert a few explicatives here. We can’t believe it. Going in for surgery was so traumatic for him and so worrisome for us.

We called our vet. Nobody really knows what causes the puffy ear. We really don’t want to load him up with prednisone especially when it didn’t work the first time. The new plan is just to ride it out. It’s not hurting him, it’s not doing in harm.

But damn, it would have been so nice just to have it healed completely.

Blue ears, the new black


Joey is doing so well. We are absolutely amazed. He lets us soak his ear like we’re supposed to and today when I was out in the studio playing, he actually wanted to come out and play with me.

Not our Joey at all. Of course, he was pretty nervous and even the tastiest treats didn’t make him any more sure of himself, but overall, he did really well.

His appetite is completely back to normal, the strength in his hind legs has returned.

We will continue soaking his ear for the next three weeks and then his blue ear will come off. We hope and hope that the puffy ear does not return.

All day happy nappy


Joey had a marathon happy nappy today. He’s still a little weak in the hind legs, but I’m hoping by tomorrow he’ll be back on his feet completely.

He didn’t want his breakfast, but by tonight, he was ready for some dinner. That is always a good sign.