Stop everything!


I know, I know. Another I’m not prepared for Monday to be here already. But I’m not.

So, I suggest we just stop everything in it’s tracks.

No Monday this week.

Looking for trouble


If I didn’t know this girl better, I would say she was lookin’ for trouble.

Oh, wait a minute, it’s Jillian. She is plotting and looking for trouble.

Woo hoo

Danny, Jillian, Flocko and Talley in the background  

The neighbors are having a barbecue!

We are on our way.

Jillian has an opinion

Today we got the girls out to my rustic little studio for their portraits. I had to try out my newest Craigslist find. Note to self, stay away from Craigslist.

This one is just as fabulous as the rest, it’s an Eastlake settee from the 1870s. The lady remembered her great-grandparents having it, her grandfather, her father and it was just collecting dust in a corner of her basement.

I always feel a little funny telling people that I want them for my pet photography, worried that they will be horrified when they find out what their family heirlooms are going to be used for, but overall, they have all been thrilled that the settees will be used and loved.


I am also surprised to find that the dogs that would normally climb up on a couch and snuggle in aren’t so thrilled about getting on the settees. Maybe it is because the garage has never been a place they hung out before.

We finally coaxed Jillian up on the settee, and she really did not want to be up there. The minute Karen left her side, she got down. I have the other two settees out there, but of course neither one is set up like I want it to be. Apparently, that was not Jillian’s concern.

Is this my color?

First she jumped up on the burgundy settee and posed. If only I had known, it would have been very easy to set up. She didn’t last long up there, she was still looking for just the right place.

Then she moved to the green settee. Apparently this one was just right. Still not in the perfect location.

I have visions of getting both of the twins on this settee.

Stay tuned.


The party girl


From the very first day she landed in the gardens, Jillian has been the party girl of the twins. She loves to run and she loves her babies.

The minute she saw me in the backyard, she came running… full speed ahead.

Once she spotted a toy coming her direction, I was yesterday’s news.

Let’s face, there is nothing better than a toy. Not a sister, not a brother, not a momma.

Jillian and her toy were in their own little world.

Jillian and Slinky

And Slinky quietly watched in the background, true to Slinky’s nature.

It’s over

Slinky and Jillian

Now can we all just play nicely in the sandbox and get along?

I do think Bunny had the right idea. The Pink Party. Gets my vote every time. Wag more. Bark less. More treats.

They never forget

Jillian, Slinky and Paul

Earlier this week I eluded to a special visitor coming to see the twins.

The story starts something like this. Years ago, after fostering between 60 and 70 greyhounds, I wanted to see what the racing side of greyhounds was all about. What better way than to own my own dog. A racing kennel outside of Portland that also bred greyhounds took a chance on two nutty women and sold us our first racing greyhound.

Enter Flocko.

That single purchase gave us perhaps some the dearest friends we have ever had. They are the people that make racing a good thing. They love every one of their racers as much as if not more than most pet people do. And their dogs are treated with the kindness and respect that some pets will never have.

So, there were two fawn sisters that had retired, but Paul loved. They were his retired pets. When it came time for Paul and Nancy to move the racing kennel to Alabama, Paul asked if we would take the two girls, because more important than anything else, Paul wanted to know where they were going, he wanted them to stay together because even in the racing kennel, they were side by side and he wanted to  see pictures.

Three years ago, with much sadness in his heart, Paul handed over Jillian and Slinky’s leashes to us.

Three years ago.


Of course, Paul has seen a million pictures of his girls, but they have only had Karen and I. When I got a call that Paul and Nancy would be in Oregon for a couple of days, we were ecstatic and I was fairly certain the girls would crawl out of their skins when they saw Paul.

Nancy and the twins

Of course, the girls were excited to see Nancy.

But they just could not get enough of Paul. They knew him the minute they got to the back door.

By the way, Paul had to wait ten minutes before he could see them because Timber insisted on being admired first.

Paul couldn’t move. And later that evening after Paul and Nancy had gone, it was so sad to watch the girls run out the back door to see if he was still there.


We had two happy girls. I have no doubt that they love us, but the bond between two retired racers and their trainer is so awesome.

Well, that was until he went to trim their toenails. It took them a little while to forgive him for that.

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Oh ladies

Slinky and Jillian

Guess what ladies! You have a surprise visitor coming to see you tomorrow. Bet you will never guess in a million years who is coming.