Friends forever

Two greyhounds
Mickey and Fergie.  

Late in the afternoon last Sunday it finally started to warm up enough that we really felt like being outside. It’s a weird state of mind when 40° feels warm.

The snow started to have a good melt down going and the dogs were feeling pretty darn frisky. It had been so cold for so long, and we didn’t dare leave them out for any longer than just a few minutes, that I am sure they were thrilled to be out playing on the acre. Shortly after I took this, these two took off in a dead heat for the finish line.

We know you are in there

Fergie, Mickey and Cinderella.  

After all of the cold weather and snow, when it finally hit 40° we thought for sure we were having a heat wave. Karen was in the barn re-loading the bird feeders and declined the help of these guys. 

They knew where she was and they were not happy she closed the doors.

And into surgery we went

Brindle greyhound
Brindle greyhound

It became pretty clear Monday night that the antibiotics weren’t going to do the trick. Tuesday morning I held Sara’s breakfast, apologized over and over and took her to the vet clinic.

The mammary tumor had ruptured and it was quite clear that our only option was to get it out of there.

She did really well. They even pulled a tooth that had to go. She came home last night and slept through the night as if nothing had happened.

This morning she picked through her breakfast and tonight she ate like a champ.

For a little 13 year old lady she is doing remarkably well.

Oh Sara Bear

Brindle greyhound
Brindle greyhound

We had just gone out to take some photos of the greyhounds. Sara has always been my most difficult dog to photograph. She’s just not a fan. I had knelt down and noticed something was not right with her belly. I called Karen over to check it out. She had lump, about the size of a fist and hard.

Suddenly taking photos did not seem so important. I’m so glad my vet is open on Sundays. I loaded her in the car and off we went.

The vet thinks she may have a mammary gland infection. Since I always go to the worst case scenario first, an infection seemed like nothing. We were sent home with antibiotics and told to come back in a week for a re-check.

Today was my fifth visit to the vet in seven days. I’m tired of playing in their sandbox.

January’s calendar girl

Portrait of a greyhound
Portrait of a greyhound

Once again I got my calendar done just in the nick of time.

Sara has got to be the hardest greyhound I have ever photographed. She loves to be out in the yard with us, but the minute the camera is out, she is outta there.

Silly girl. She really is a little beauty. It’s hard to believe she turned 13 in November.

A little winter magic

Borzoi and greyhound
Borzoi and greyhound
Sage and Sara  

There is a whole lot of magic going on in this photo. Sage the borzoi is our youngest dog and Sara is our oldest greyhound. And, it’s snowing in Salem.

Sara came to us after her owner unexpectedly died. She was almost 10 years old, separated from her sister and devastated. She’s very quiet and never asks for much. To this day I think she still misses her original owner.

She has however, really taken to the two borzoi pups. When they go outside, she is right at the door to go out with them. It’s quite sweet and we if that’s what Sara wants, that’s what Sara gets.

Launching. Again.

Greyhound leaping
Greyhound leaping
Leaping into a new year

I promised myself I would do a better job with Greyhound Gardens this year. So many changes in the pack in 2016. No new additions, but once again we had a few really tough losses. It took the wind out of my sails for a long time.

As we roll into the new year, all is well. Flocko turned 13 on December 22. He’s been on phenobarbital since 2008 for grand mal seizures and besides getting a little weak in the hind legs, he’s doing really well. He still has the appetite of a horse and when you are surrounded by a few finicky dogs, that is a blessing.

Photo fundraiser for the greyhounds

Oregon Greyhound Adoption photo fundraiser   

I will never forget the day I adopted my first greyhound. It was January 1, 2002. His name was Fonzi. He was a this beautiful black greyhound, a little shy, but true to greyhound nature he was so sweet. They called him Greg, but somehow, Fonzi seemed to be a much better fit.

We taught him everything. How to walk on tile floors, how to go up and down stairs and the comforts of sleeping on a bed.

That boy forever changed my life and even though he is no longer with us, I will always be grateful to him. Since the day I adopted him, I have in one way or another been involved with greyhounds.

Tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 8, I am doing a photo fundraiser for the adoption group I currently volunteer with. Oregon Greyhound Adoption is hosting their 3rd annual photo fundraiser at Sellwood Dog Supply in Portland, Oregon from 11 am to 3 pm. All proceeds from the fundraiser will go to the group.

Please come join us!

15 day old greyhound puppies

15 day old pups   

Look at these beautiful 15 day old greyhounds. They are so sweet.

I whispered in one of their ears that when they retired, I would have a couch waiting.