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A visit from the grand dogs

Holly brought the grand dogs down for a romp on the acre. Nothing tires a puppy out more than chasing a ball time after time after time. At the end of an hour or so, […]

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Kicking off summer

Our little grand dogger Goldee is helping me kick off the summer dog events. We’ll be doing pet portraits at the Willamutt Strut in downtown Salem at the Riverfront Park Sunday, June 14. Our booth […]

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Apparently the grand dogger Goldee has thrown the gauntlet down. She’s challenged Zip and Timber to a fluff-off. Go ahead sister, bring it. We accept your challenge.

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My grand doggers

The girls came down to the acre to play a little ball on Sunday. For a little extra enjoyment, you have to go see the entire series on the photo blog. First Pitch of the […]

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Goldee’s first trip to the beach

We took the grand doggers to the beach. They liked it.

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Goldee locks

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Please mommy

It was after dark before Holly and Joe got the grand doggers down for their Valentine’s photos. Coming to grandma’s house is the best. We have a fenced acre and they can run their little […]

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Happy Birthday Holly

Holy smokes, how do 28 years go by quickly? It seems like just yesterday that I was watching stretch marks shoot across my belly like a cracked windshield. She’s 28 and gorgeous, I still look […]

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My grand doggers

We decided this year to do the family photos at our place. We hauled the settee out to the back yard and let the doggies play for awhile. It had been raining like cats and […]

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The grand dogger

Our grand dogger Lil’ Miss Goldee was over for a visit. She’s a little shy until it comes to having her photo taken, then she becomes a bit of a camera hound. That makes this […]

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