In our hearts, Gili


When Carol had to say good-bye to Gili, she asked if I would give him a memorial page. It was as hard to put his together as it is for one of our own dogs, but I got it up tonight.

The link is here, Race with the wind Gili.

The greatest love


In 2004, Karen and I fostered some really wonderful hounds. We loved fostering, it gave us a wonderful connection with the family when the hounds went to their forever homes. One that will stand out forever was a black hound named Dude. Not only was Dude a most gorgeous, shiny black hound, but he had the soul and spirit of an amazing animal. He was a boy that could have stayed with us forever but really was the perfect hound for a family.

At the time, we had been working with a woman, Carol. She was looking for a service dog. Karen and I both knew immediately that Dude was her dog. He was perfection all wrapped up in one package.

When they met…

Carol and Gilli

It was love at first sight. They were kindred spirits. Carol renamed him Gilli, short for Gilligaluka (I think, I wish I could remember the name and the meaning). Gilli trained with Carol and learned her every move and was so aware of everything that went on with her.

This was one of our most perfect adoptions.

He was famous for snoring through mass, taking up an entire row on the bus and for playing the donkey in the nativity scene. Everyone loved Gilli and Gilli loved everyone.

Gilli’s eyes had a sparkle like no other after he joined Carol. Carol and I kept in touch over the years. She shared stories about the greatest love of her life. Since he was her service dog, she took him everywhere. To church, on the train to visit her mom, to her doctor’s appointments. He was her world and she was his.

This morning Carol called me from the vet clinic, she thought he had a stroke. Karen and I were still in Portland with Timber, but as soon as we were done, we beat it down the highway so that I could meet Carol at the clinic.

It was Gilli’s time to go to the bridge.

The priest came to bless Gilli and I stood with Gilli as Carol gave him the greatest gift of love. Gilli left us today for the Rainbow Bridge.