So lonely

Flo in March   

It amazes me how lonely and quiet the house is without Flo. She was so vibrant and vital before she got sick. And then, when she did get sick, we took a lot of time taking care of her.

When I came in the house, she and Zippy were always right there to greet me and as I passed out treats she was right by my side collection extra treats, more than anyone else because she was Flo.

I miss that little girlfriend.

Saying good bye to Flo


Last week was a tough week for our girl. She seemed to have more bad days that good ones. Saying good bye was not what either Karen or I wanted to do, but yesterday morning when we got up, her eyes told us everything we needed to know, she was tired.

We took her for a ride in the country before we went to the clinic. She loved to go places, but she got so car sick.

While we waited for the sedative to kick in, a vision kept re-occurring in my mind. I kept seeing Crystal, Joey and Talley standing and waiting, their ears erect waiting to give chase.

More than anything, well not more than food, Flo loved run. She raced with the wind on many an occasion and even this last week she would trot into the house from the back of the acre to the house.

Tonight Karen and I went down to the garden to have our coffee after work. The most beautiful butterfly danced before us. We had never seen one like that in the yard. We watched the entire time it danced. Before long, a second butterfly was chasing and playing with it.

We knew in an instant that Flo and Crystal were back together running and chasing on the acre.

Free Bird aka Flo—September 20, 2003 to April 19, 2015



Some of the cardiac meds Flo is on are actually human meds and we have to get them at Costco.

It’s been a couple of crazy, busy weeks and I just called Costco early last week to get a refill. We didn’t have any other refills, so they had to call the vet. Along with our refill we got a friendly reminder that she was due for another check-up.

Somewhere in the translation, Costco didn’t fill the script and when we got there on Saturday to pick it up, it wasn’t ready.

Fortunately, we have enough to get her through until we get back to Costco, but it was a good lesson for us to never wait until the last minute to pick up the refill.

Still one day at a time.

A quick spring break update


A few months ago Karen and I thought it might be nice to move. Our main requirement was a small acreage, 1-2 acres. We quickly discovered that there isn’t much out there close in enough so that I can get home at lunch to let the dogs out.

Our next option was to start updating the house. It was built in 1950. The house itself is cute and the living space is perfect for us.

We both took spring break off so that we could begin with the things we can do. So far we’ve unloaded about 20 cubic yards of stuff. Washed the walls, patched the holes in the walls from the 20,000 photos I have hanging, steamed the floors and taped off the windows around the trim.

Today we finally agreed on a paint color for the living room and the dining room area I affectionately call my office.

Tomorrow morning right after coffee, we’ll start to paint.

Flo is actually doing quite well this week. I think she has loved having both of us home to wait on her hand and foot.

A good day

The view from my desk   

This kid never ceases to amaze me. Yesterday I thought for sure, in my mind I was making the plans.

But last night she slept back-to-back with me. Moving in closer when I moved. This morning she didn’t get up until I did and she was so peaceful and calm. She ate her breakfast, on the couch she’s laying on now. She took her pills in sugar cookie dough.

I worked from home today so that she could be near me and tonight, this is what I see when I turn around at my desk.

Go figure Flo. You go girlfriend, rally all you want.

Fewer good days


Our little girlfriend is growing more tired everyday. She’s currently laid out in the middle of my bed. She’s losing weight and for the last two days getting her to eat has been a struggle. Eating was always something Flo looked more forward to than anything else.

It seems like it’s getting harder and harder to say goodbye. Every dog has their story, but Flo, she really is a special one.

I met her at the racing kennel in Florida. She had broken her hock racing and she was waiting to go into an adoption kennel. She was so sweet. I flew home with Minnie and told Karen about her. Sure enough, just like I knew she would, Karen said we’ll take her.

I called our friends at the kennel and said she’s ours. We’ll get her home when she can travel. That was in December. In March, Flocko started having seizures and when I flew down to fly him back, Flo came with me.

She was so sweet, so innocent… at first. And then the real Flo came home to party. She was an in your face, take care of me first kinda girl and she’s been that way ever since.

She’s not so much these days. I really going miss our spunky girl.

I’m sure she will tell us when it’s time. We’re listening girlie.

Growing more tired


Somedays, somedays even more than others I wish our dogs could say words to us.

They do talk to us and sometimes we read human emotions into them. But their eyes never lie. Their eyes speak volumes and it is up to us to listen.

Flo’s eyes say she is growing tired. She’s a trooper, that girl. She’s survived a broken leg, a soft tissue malignant tumor and a life-long heart murmur. That murmur turned into something more and now we fear it is getting the best of her.

So many of things that were just Flo, aren’t happening any more. She used to bark her fool head of waiting for breakfast and dinner only to consume it in mere seconds… not so much any more. Some meals she quietly waits and only picks through the kibble exploring for the special toppers we have carefully hidden amongst the crunchy bites.

She still enjoys wondering through the acre on a sunny day and from the far reaches of the yard she will race to the back door when we call her, even if it isn’t as fast as she was once able to fly.

And she would much rather hide her head than be subjected to the handfuls of pills she must take every day to keep the fluid from building up around her heart and everything else the pills are supposed to do.

We’re on alert for every cough and we count her breaths as she rests and record them.

It’s so hard to know when the vibrance is really gone or if it’s just a bad day.

One day at a time little girlfriend, one day at a time. We’ll watch for “the look” in your eyes and we promise we will listen to what you have to say.

When cousins come to play


Goldee and Autzen came down for a quick visit today. They love coming to grandma’s house. The minute they hit our driveway, they are excited beyond belief. They race around the acre like it is their own private dog park.

Flo wanted to come out and she loved Goldee. We looked up and Goldee and Flo were running together. Goldee was sweet, she ran just fast enough so that Flo could keep up and it looked like she was running in smaller and smaller circles so that Flo wouldn’t have to run so far.

Flo had a blast.

One Rx at a time


One prescription at a time. Flo’s cardiac pills are about $250/month.

Somehow we find comfort in knowing that we will be ordering another month of pills for the our little girlfriend.

She’s doing really well despite the fact that she still has her crazy heart. She’s eating well, she runs in the backyard and overall seems to be enjoying life.

You go girlfriend.