Bleu on bleu

Danny Bleu

The Daily Dog Challenge today on Flickr “The Blues” Rainy days and Mondays always get us down! Take a photo with blue in it today. What better choice than our own Danny Bleu.


Danny Bleu

We all survived, it was brutal though. You know the day, that first one back to work after a vacation. (Did I happen to mention it was three glorious weeks?)

Seeing me for the noon time run just isn’t the same as seeing me at the computer.


Now we all have our paws crossed that we get a snow day or week soon. Two inches will do it.

Forever our Buddy

da Budman

Thirteen years ago they sat in the lounge at race track. It was time to name the new litter of pups heading off to training camp. Winnie Whiskey, Ritchie Rum, Kooky Kahlua, and our very own Barry Bourbon. All eight pups where named during Miller time.

On March 6, 2004 we wandered over to an adoption event. We had just adopted Joey and Talley and we wanted to say hi. The most beautiful fawn boy with a black mask was standing there, waiting for someone to love. He’d been in a home and there was some story about a bite, but we didn’t care, there was an instant connection.

Rayetta smiled her coy little smile and said she was running a special, adopt two, get one free. We took a quick walk around the parking lot to talk it over, walked back in and took the leash.

Buddy took to the acre like it was his and he was sharing it with us. He was home from the very first day.

Buddy, Danté, Danny, Barney

The more dogs we fostered, the more he took it upon himself to make sure they knew how to act like “dignified and stately” greyhounds.

Danté went to one of the best homes ever, Danny became a garden hound and Barney went to a home for six years, but now he’s back. Buddy did a pretty good job fostering those hounds.

Back at the farm

Thanks to Buddy, we met the most wonderful people. We became friends with the kennel owners that raced Buddy. They loved him as much as we did and were always delighted when we took him to the farm for a visit.

Buddy was a wonderful ambassador for greyhound adoption. Who wouldn’t fall in love with such a sweet, sweet dog?

Buddy aged so gracefully. Just enough silver in his muzzle to give him that dignified look. He was totally toothless, but it never bothered him. He had a healthy appetite until the very end.

About six weeks ago, Buddy had a serious episode of laryngeal paralysis. We made an emergency run to the vet clinic; he couldn’t breath. I was scared and he was really scared. Our vet was so wonderful and she pulled him through. We knew when we brought him home that afternoon that this was something that he would have for the rest of his life.

He was just one week shy of turning 14 and we opted not to do the surgery. Instead, we would do our best to keep him calm and cool so that we didn’t exacerbate another attack. He did great for six weeks.

This morning he went out for his first potty break at 5:30 am. It was time for breakfast and he ran from the back acre to the back door ready for breakfast. He began struggling to breath. We had sedatives here and promptly gave them to him, but it didn’t help.

I loaded him in the car and raced to the emergency vet calling them on my way to tell them I was coming. When we brought him home after the first time, I promised him it would never happen three times.

Karen followed me over as soon as she got the other dogs in the house. We held him close to us as we told him how much we loved him and that he was the best boy ever.

Buddy aka Barry Bourbon • November 7, 1997 to December 12, 2011

Our hearts are shattered in a million pieces tonight as we miss our boy.

Udder budder boy, you will be forever our Buddy.

It’s looking up around here

Danny Bleu Hoo

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you to all that sent good wishes to Danny Bleu. It worked, he is doing much better today (I, on the other hand have a whole lot of new gray hairs.)

He still has a bit of a wonky right leg, but when I stepped outside the door with the camera, he came running for me.

Yup, he's feeling better

This was my first clue he was feeling fine. Yesterday there was no time for such foolishness. He stumbled out, took care of business and quickly headed inside for a cushion.

I am so relieved. A few responses yesterday said they had experienced the same thing with their hound. I am so sorry that any human and hound would have to go through this, I can’t tell you how comforting it is to know that the hound’s pull through and it isn’t an immediate death sentence. Thank you again for taking the time to leave a note.

Nearly 30 cubic yards of crap

And for those of a more curious nature, we had to work double-time today since we did nothing but lay around and hold Danny’s paw yesterday.

I still have a little more crap to pull out of the basement and Karen is just cleaning out a few drawers and closets upstairs. We’ve nearly filled the dumpster. Tomorrow we’ll close the doors and top it off.

I asked Karen tonight if we should be embarrassed because we have so much crap. On the one hand, it is two households combined and when I moved in nine years ago I didn’t purge first, I just pulled up a U-Haul. And then, we’re a lot a like, when we focus on something, it is either all or nothing. Karen is the techie and I’m the creative. Both qualities come with lots of trinkets.

Yup, water damage has been my friend this week.

Under the weather


It was a phone call at 4:45 am that woke us up, it was Danny panting that rolled me out of bed, it was when he stumbled, couldn’t keep his balance and didn’t have much use of his right side that my heart started to race.

5 am is a bad time to need the vet. We could go to the e-vet, but they would transfer us back to our own vet at 8 am. We got him outside to pee and back inside. Everyone else wanted out too. By the time we were done it was nearly 6 am and we decided to wait for our vet. I laid down beside him and waited.

By the time we left, he was able to walk a little better but we still carried him into the clinic. We saw the vet right away. This had happened one other time and 24 hours later he was fine.

12 hours later and he is doing much better. He still doesn’t have fine motor control in his right front leg, but he is able to keep his balance. All of his bodily functions are working like they should, he’s alert, moving a bit in the house and he ate all of his dinner.

Guess we just wait and watch.

Looking worried


The excitement of 10 days of vacation has a few of the greyhounds worried.


Last time we took time off together, everyone was packed up and hauled off to a boarding kennel. We were gone for 10 days and they were homesick.

We’re moving things around again, what could that possibly mean?


Never fear guys. That loud noise you heard in the driveway today was a 30 cubic yard dumpster.

We’re going to be home everyday so that we can have a purging ceremony. Might not want to get up off of your beds, they might end up in the dumpster.

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Random Friday

Holy smokes it got hot today. I know, I know 85° would be like being in a deep freeze for some, but for us wienie Oregonians… we’re melting. And that annoyingly bright sun, what is up with that?

The noon time run just wasn’t any fun.

It pretty much just brought the lazies out.

And E.T. But, he never offered to beam us up to a cooler place.

Some are forever optimistic sun worshippers.

And others are smiling ’cause they know it’s swimming day and they can cool off in the pool.

It’s time for the Saturday Pet Blog Hop!

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The Pet Blog Hop hosted by Life with DogsTwo Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume. Many, many thanks to the hosts, the Pet Blog Hop rocks.

Please join us, the rules are simple:

  1. Follow your three hosts
  2. Check out some of the our fellow bloggers, leave them a comment and tell them you are visiting from the Pet Blog hop
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